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Yes, The ClashDaily Store IS Having An Awesome CyberMonday Sale — Here’s The 411

We owe our readers an apology.

We’re pretty good at sharing a unique take on the news, but when it comes to that shameless self-promotion stuff… not so much. And we really DO owe an apology for that — for two reasons.

Reason one: The products we sell at the store are part of the secret sauce for how we keep our content free for all readers instead of tucking it behind some kind of a paywall like so many of the other sites out there that have staved off bankruptcy since Big Tech decided it was time to purge non-conformist opinion. The store gives our readers a way to actively partner with us in taking the message that Big Tech tries to suppress and pushing it out into the public square.

Reason two: Many of our products are home-grown ideas, ClashDaily exclusives. Much of it incorporates the art of our own Big Dawg, Doug Giles. Others come from the over-caffeinated fever dreams of your favorite keyboard warriors dragging the swamp here at ClashDaily.

We’ve got more ideas coming out all the time… honestly, we’re coming up with them faster than we can drop them into the production line. With all the craziness of the shake-ups in this past election, and some new colorful characters to slap around on the left, not to mention the battle royale coming up for the 2024 Republican Primaries, we’re in for some interesting times… which has already given us a rich playground of SO many new product ideas to play with. Keep your eyes open for new launches.

But right now, you’ll want to know about the Cyber Monday sales that are set to automatically self-destruct as of midnight Eastern time.

We’ve got three major categories to bring to your attention, a little bit of home-team snark, and a Christmas announcement.

First up: our barware sale…

Second, Doug’s Trump art products…

The banner from our store gives a pretty good cross-section of what kind of products that would include…

— Note: this deal applies to all of his products except for the books.

Third, Our Let’s Go Brandon shirts…

$10 T-shirts for all standard sizes. (Plus sizes are available and are priced to scale.)

Here’s a look at the kind of shirts featured in our LGB collection

Our ‘Suck It England’ sale in tribute to our World Cup match…

We’ve knocked the price down by about 50% for our readers so they’ll have something appropriate to wear while chanting ‘It’s called Soccer’!

And finally, we’re announcing…

The launch of our Christmas collection…

With only 27 days left, it’s time to get Christmas preparations in gear — especially if you have gifts that will need to go in the mail.

You may have seen the Santa-themed cards and shirts before now.

But we’ve expanded our Christmas line to include 17 different products (and counting)! That means wrapping paper, candles, jigsaw puzzles, t-shirts and a very special Joe Biden-themed Christmas greeting (you know… the thing…) that can be found on a variety of fun products and gift ideas.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck