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Ted Cruz Is LIVID: Here’s What He Blames For The Loss Of The Senate (VIDEO)

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Not a lot of set-up needed for this story. Ted Cruz has a podcast, ‘The Verdict’ and Ben Ferguson asked about the Senate results. It got spicy.

Cruz had something to say about that, yesterday, and it was spicy.

[Editor’s note: this was recorded before the announcement that Republicans had narrowly taken the House.]

TED CRUZ: Well Ben, let me start out by saying I’m so pissed off I cannot even see straight. We had an extraordinary opportunity. We had a generational opportunity. This should have been a fundamental landslide election. We should have won the House and the Senate. We should have a thirty, forty, fifty vote majority in the House, we should have fifty-three, fifty-four, fifty-five Republicans in the Senate and instead, holy crap, the Democrats KEEP the Senate, worse than that, the Democrats potentially GROW their majority in the Senate, worse than that, yes we take the House, but at best we’re gonna take the House with a couple of seats.
There is an outside chance we lose the House. I don’t think we will. I think the numbers are enough, that we will hold onto the house, but it’s gonna be a majority of 219, 220, 221, 222. Two-eighteen is the majority, so we’re gonna be looking at a two, three, four vote majority at best.
The rage Americans are feeling across this country, the rage I’m feeling, there are almost not words to describe it. Because this opportunity was screwed up, it was screwed up badly, and the people who are going to pay the price are the American people. The country is screwed for the next four years because of this. We’re gonna see horrible leftwing judges confirmed for the next two years because of this, we’re gonna see judges taking away our free speech rights, our religious liberty rights, our 2nd Amendment rights, it is an enormous missed opportunity and I gotta say it is hard to describe my feelings as anything other than rage right now.

BEN: If Republicans don’t give, we’re gonna lose this thing because the money’s out-raised and you already talked about the — I call it Corruption of the Republican Party — do we have any indication that McConnell’s gonna open up his purse strings and give some real money to Herschel Walker?

CRUZ: Oh look. I’m sure he will raise money and invest in the race, but if you look at this last cycle, Mitch McConnell pulled the money out of Arizona — we could have won Arizona, we nearly won Arizona and abandoning Blake Masters was indefensible. Mitch pulled —

BEN: Why did that happen? I gotta ask you, because everybody’s gonna say the same thing I am right now. Explain to me Senator, why in a race where the polling showed we had a legitimate chance of winning there why did he pull out that money from Masters who desperately needed it?

CRUZ: Because Masters said he would vote against Mitch McConnell. And so Mitch would rather be leader than have a Republican majority. If there’s a Republican who can win who’s not going to support Mitch, the truth of the matter is he’d rather the Democrat win. So he pulled all the money out of Arizona…
[end of clip]

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