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UH-OH: Gov’t Throws 3000 Dutch Famers Off Their Land To Satisfy Eco Lobby

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If you thought food prices were exorbitant now, wait until we start feeling the effects of the latest round of government tyranny.

The Dutch government is throwing roughly 3000 farmers off their land to comply with the latest new eco rules. This policy will only make sense to the same people who smile and nod at the wisdom of a government issuing compulsory gun ‘buy back’ with an ‘or else’ provision.

If we are to grasp the full horror of this story’s implications, we need a little more context. As you read further, keep this in mind:

The Netherlands is also one of the largest exporters of food and agricultural products on the planet. This is in large part due to its technological prowess in the area of agrofoods. Only the United States tops the Netherlands in terms of food exports. These exports make up 11 percent of Dutch exports and a whopping one-quarter of all those in Europe. Interesting fact is that the Netherlands is now (since 2013) the largest exporter of tomatoes in the world (the second being Mexico). — Netherlands Tourism gov’t website

The farmland in question has, in many cases, been handed down from generation to generation over the span of centuries. But it’s 2022, and the government has decided they don’t have the right to be farmers anymore.

The almighty government has said so. Why? Because Mother Gaia is very cross with us.

The Dutch government plans to buy and close down up to 3,000 farms near environmentally sensitive areas to comply with EU nature preservation rules.
The Netherlands is attempting to cut down its nitrogen pollution and will push ahead with compulsory purchases if not enough farms take up the offer voluntarily.
Farmers will be offered a deal “well over” the worth of the farm, according to the government plan that is targeting the closure of 2,000 to 3,000 farms or other major polluting businesses.
…“There is no better offer coming,” Christianne van der Wal, nitrogen minister, told MPs on Friday. She said compulsory purchases would be made with “pain in the heart”, if necessary.
— TheTelegraph

Yes, that did say ‘nitrogen minister’, as though that were a serious political title. This is the world we now live in.

Why should we care about some obscure eco-policy in Europe? Because it’s about to hit is in the wallet — if not worse.

A quick internet search gives us a total of maybe 40,000 Dutch farmers in the Netherlands. A little rough back-of-the-napkin calculation with very rough numbers tell us that something like 7 or 8 percent of the country’s farmers will feel the effects of this policy.

We have already seen the upheaval a war in Ukraine has had on the global food supply. Domestic farmers have made it plain that soaring costs of diesel and fertilizer mean we will be seeing cuts in their food production in the coming year.

What do we know about the relationship between supply and demand? You guessed it. Less food, higher costs. Those costs were already barreling down at us in the coming year — even before the Dutch farmer announcement.

What happens when the planet’s second most prolific food producer (who just happen to have the most efficient farming methods) suddenly loses not just this productivity, but the know-how those farmers bring to their farming as well?

What happens when you pair that with the same soaring input costs that are making American farmers let fields go fallow because it would cost more to grow than they could make in selling it?

Here’s a benchmark to measure things against: one month before the pandemic went global, ClashDaily ran a story about the great gains made in the previous decade, including wealth creating being enough to raise record new levels of people out of extreme poverty, and celebrated technology’s innovation in producing more foode on less land, which in turn frees up more land for wildlife.

It’s the kind of data-based story that really challenges accepted assumptions: Cancel The Apocalypse Party: This Was The BEST Decade In Human History — Here’s Why

And now, with a Democrat in the White House, and a handful of poisonous policies pushed by Davos billionaires, we’ve traded those good times for a period of very serious food insecurity.

If the affluent West is (already!) feeling the pinch of soaring food prices, how do you suppose that is impacting people who are, even in good years, only a stone’s throw from starvtion in the developing world?

It’s a crisis waiting to happen. Some would make the case that such a crisis is intentional; that certain activists are pushing for it as an excuse to reshuffle the deck, socio-economically and further a private agenda.

Famine, war, plague, and mass migration all have a nasty habit of being traveling companions. The next few years will require wisdom in leadership. Too bad that, too, seems to be in short supply.

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