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WATCH: Kari Lake Gives An Update On Her Ongoing Fight Over The 2022 Election

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It doesn’t look like the former journalist is going to back down anytime soon.

Lake has been called an “election denier” in the Corporate Media for questioning the results of the 2020 election after changes were made to voting rules in several states — some of which were implemented in a rush causing some minor levels of chaos with mail-in ballots, and, in Pennsylvania, the changes violated the state constitution but were implemented anyway.

This is a new standard from the Corporate Media which has fearmongered about foreign influence in elections since 2016 and has famously cheered on as Democrats questioned the validity of elections in over two decades.

The election has been called for Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs, and has been certified by all but Cochise County, a rural Republican area.

Hobbs, who was Secretary of State and oversaw the election is now suing Cochise County for not certifying by the deadline.

But it isn’t so cut and dry — one Supervisor in Mohave County said that he was voting to certify under duress.

On Monday, the GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate gave an update on what she is doing now. She gave an explanation of some of the problems with the election, the conflicts of interest in the Arizona election, and what she’s doing to continue her fight.

Maricopa is now facing a public records lawsuit by Lake who says that she is committed to election transparency.

Now that the election has been certified, Lake is working to legally challenge the results.

The charismatic former news anchor was backed by both Trump and DeSantis and seemed to garner quite a bit of support at campaign events and on social media, while her opponent chose the “basement Biden” strategy and refused to debate.

There appear to have been a number of problems with the elections, but Arizona election officials dismiss the claims as a conspiracy theory and explain them away.

Here is one of the Supervisors for the Maricopa County Board of Elections, Steve Gallardo of District 5 blasting Lake for what he says is essentially shaping the narrative surrounding the election to her benefit by posting videos of voters who spoke out about their experiences trying to cast their ballots.

The Kari Lake War Room Twitter account has been posting video after video and highlighting what could certainly be called “election irregularities” if not “disenfranchisement” by the Corporate Media if Lake had a “D” after her name.

Right-wing journalist Ben Bergquam posted a video of the Maricopa County Board of Elections certifying the election while being heckled by a Lake supporter.

There were seemingly a number of problems in Arizona, most notably in Maricopa County — one of the largest counties in the country.

Here is just a selection of the Lake has been highlighting:

One poll worker says that voters were disenfranchised because of the issues with the printers, long lines, and because the poll workers weren’t trained properly.

To many people, something just doesn’t seem right with this election. There were problems with in-person voting apparently in GOP-heavy counties — printer issues, tabulator malfunctions, long lines, registration problems, the mysterious “Box 3”, and several days to count the votes… it all looks suspicious in a purple state with close margins and some prominent Democras involved in the election openly against the Republican candidate.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer and Board of Elections Supervisor Bill Gates started a dark money PAC opposing MAGA candidates in Arizona — specifically Kari Lake.

So, you’ve got the Secretary of State who oversees the election running as a candidate and hiding from the public, two county officials opposing MAGA candidates, then you’ve got major issues on election day that began from the moment the polls opened, and days to count the votes with razor-thin margins… but the election officials insist that it was a “free and fair” election and you’re not allowed to question it.

But there’s more…

Fewer Democrats and more Republicans came out to vote than in 2018, but somehow that didn’t translate into more GOP votes.

Independent journalist, Natalie Winters said that she had found evidence that Katie Hobbs was funded by a PAC that received money from disgraced crypto bro, Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX.

Right-wing journalist Ben Bergquam spoke before the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and it was absolute fire.

Lake continues to tweet that she doesn’t believe that the election was fair because of all the problems on election day, nor was the handling transparent.

If Democrats don’t want Republicans questioning the results of elections that they’re in charge of, then they’d better make damned sure that the process is completely transparent and run with efficiency.

If governor-elect Katie Hobbs is getting slammed by her GOP “election denier” opponent, then she should have made the process better and beyond question just like Florida did after the 2000 recount.

Frankly, it doesn’t bode well for the state of Arizona if this is how Hobbs runs an election.

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