COVIDictator Trudeau Says He SUPPORTS Lockdown Protesters… In China (VIDEO)

Written by Sir John, Eh! on November 29, 2022

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After refusing to meet with the Freedom Convoy protesters, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insists that Canada supports the protests against Zero COVID in China.

Protests have erupted in China over the country’s “COVID Zero” strategy. For three years, the Chinese Communist Party has attempted to “shut down the virus” using authoritarian tactics like lockdowns, mandatory testing, and forced quarantine.

As the virus continues to spread, it’s causing all sorts of disruptions to normal life.

But it all really came to a head after an apartment fire in Urumqi in China’s Xinjiang region on Thursday that claimed the life of 10 people including a 3-year-old child.

Anger stemming from a deadly apartment fire Thursday night in the far western city of Urumqi in China’s Xinjiang region that killed 10, including a 3-year-old child, have brought Chinese citizens out to the streets calling for an end to lockdowns. Some are even crying for the Communist Party and Xi himself to step down.
According to local officials, the deadly fire was caused by a faulty power strip that caught fire on the 15th floor of a high-rise apartment, but it took the fire department over three hours to put out the flames.
Source: ABC News

Urumqi had been in lockdown for over a hundred days and frustrated residents suspected that the lockdowns had prevented first responders from rescuing the residents trapped in the building. Authorities deny this, but the videos circulating on social media of people screaming to be let out of the burning building are gut-wrenching.

Protests are spreading all over China.

Protesters are calling for Chairman Xi Jinping to step down and an end to communist rule in China.

Media around the world is paying attention to the Chinese people opposing the CCP.

That’s red meat (or would it be soy?) for the virtue signalling Trudeau who constantly lectures about the importance of freedom and democracy abroad while squashing it under his jackboot at home.

That Trudeau is really something. No wonder people online call him “Blackface Hitler.”

Poso didn’t have to wait long. Trudeau just couldn’t keep quiet to give his support to the protesters.

After pushing provincial governments to lock down residents, force vaccines on Canadians while stomping on their Charter Rights, and defaming anyone who opposed his authoritarian measures as racist, sexist, misogynists who shouldn’t be tolerated, Trudeau is now supporting the “insurrectionists” in China.

Members of Trudeau’s cabinet “joked” about sending in tanks and the military to clear out the truckers who fed the homeless hot meals, cleared the snow from the streets, took out their own garbage, and had nightly street parties, he’s defending the rights of the Chinese to protest their government against authoritarian COVID measures.

Where was this in February when he was bitching about the truckers who were protesting mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for travel.

As for Trudeau’s claim that journalists should be respected, he should listen to his own advice.

He doesn’t even acknowledge that Rebel News, an independent news organization that leans to the right, is actually a news organization.

He has tried to deny Rebel and another independent media outlet, True North Center, from attending debates during an election.

Speaking of True North, one of their premier journalists was pepper sprayed by Ottawa Police who were pressured by the Trudeau government to crack down on the trucker protest.

OPS also shot a rubber bullet at Rebel News correspondent Alexa Lavoie as she covered the protest.

And let’s not forget how the truckers were treated.

For the past month, there was a public inquiry on the invocation of the Emergencies Act and it doesn’t look like there’s much evidence that there was the sufficient reason to invoke the extreme measures, but Trudeau stands by it.

At one point when testifying before the Commission on Friday, Trudeau said it was necessary in case a grandmother got hurt.

Oh, you mean like how that grandmother was trampled by mounted police because the government stubbornly refused to meet with protesters and hear them out in an attempt to end the protest?

And then there was the whole freezing bank accounts of donors.

No wonder people online call this guy Blackface Hitler.

To recap, for Trudeau, protests in China calling for regime change are fine, but opposing a mandatory vaccine for “essential workers” that travel alone in their trucks that resulted in a protest with Bouncy Castles, hot tubs, and impromptu street hockey games are not.

Trudeau supports democracy and the right to protest all over the world… just not in Canada unless it’s a cause he believes in like Black Lives Matter or anything with a rainbow on it.

Trudeau also supported the farmers’ protest in India despite the disruptions it caused.

This guy was lecturing the world for months about the “threats to democracy” when Russia invaded Ukraine just weeks after he exerted exceptionally harsh — and seemingly unnecessary — powers against Canadians.

What a hectoring, tyrannical jerk.

Because of the Parliamentary system in Canada, there may be an opportunity to dump the bum in the Spring, but that would require a number of Canadians in big cities to get their heads out of their posteriors and kick this Liberal government out– unfortunately, that’s not very likely.

Trudeau’s lapdog media have sufficiently painted the Conservative Party as toxic and racist — kinda like the Democrats have done with the GOP in the States.

Our countries are not all that different — we both have self-absorbed idiot leaders that we can’t seem to get rid of.

But you guys have one that we don’t have up here in the Great White North… term limits.

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