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Woman Goes VIRAL For Hurling Racial Slurs At Asian Woman Then Doubles-Down, Throws A Rock At Asian Journalist

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Where’s the outrage and the wall-to-wall media coverage? Aren’t journos still concerned about stopping Asian hate?

Over the weekend, a video of a black woman at a gas station in Seattle yelling some pretty disgusting racial slurs at an Asian woman went viral.

In the video filmed by the Asian woman, the black woman’s expletive-filled rant includes her telling the woman filming to “Go eat your dog with some rice, b*tch.”

The woman filming asks the woman if that’s what she said and then walks over and gets her license plate number while insults are still being hurled at her.

The angry black woman tells her son standing outside of the vehicle to “record her f**king smashed-face ass.” Another young child can be seen in the passenger seat.

“Go do some nails or some feet or something, b*tch!” she yells as she gets into her car. She then rolls down her window and using an Asian accent then makes an absolutely disgusting remark about the Asian woman and prostitution.

She says this with her kids in the car.


This is apparently not racism according to the wokescolds because black people cannot be racist because they are allegedly “oppressed”.

It’s pretty clear that the confrontation was caught in the middle and people were wondering what prompted the insults. Some questioned if the Asian woman had done something to provoke that sort of vitriol.

The Asian woman responded in a TikTok video and explained what had happened.

Apparently, it all began when the black woman was rude to an elderly Asian man who runs the gas station by ignoring the line and throwing money in his face (she seems to like throwing things) when he didn’t immediately ignore his other customers and attend to her immediate demand.

The Asian woman was upset about the way the elderly man was treated and called out the woman for being rude… which prompted the reaction in the first video.

Here is the woman who was insulted explaining:

Jonathan Choe, a Senior Fellow and Journalist at Discovery Institute, found the woman that spouted that racist rant and asked her to tell her side of the story.

The woman, identified by Choe as Ladonna Richie, swears at him, calls the police, chases him, and later throws a rock at him.

At one point, while hiding in her apartment, she tells Choe that the woman called her the one racist slur that can never be uttered.


Fortunately, Richie doesn’t seem to have very good aim.

You’d think that this story would be everywhere since the video has gone viral and journos were all about stopping Asian hate and making the hashtag trend last year.

But it appears that Choe is the only journalist digging into the story to get the details. He went to the gas station to see if what Richie claimed about the Asian woman hurling hate at her is true. Surprise, surprise, it doesn’t seem to be. No witnesses can corroborate Richie’s claim that the Asian woman used the n-word.

Racism is ugly from anyone and this particular incident is truly disgusting.

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