WATCH: WH Press Secretary Jumps In To Save Dr. Fauci At His Last Press Briefing

Written by K. Walker on November 22, 2022

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One of the journalists asked about the origins of COVID… and all hell broke loose.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, is retiring conveniently before the House falls into GOP hands and investigations can begin about his handling of COVID for the past 3 years.

This was his last presser in the White House Briefing Room and he used the opportunity to push masking and the COVID jabs. Totally on-brand for The Fauch.

At one point, Daily Caller White House Correspondent Diana Glebova shouted a question to Dr. Fauci about the origins of COVID. Fauci stepped away from the podium and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre jumped in and berated Glebova.

Several times earler in the presser, Glebova had attempted to ask what Fauci had done to investigate the origins of the novel coronavirus, but had received no response.

“Hold on one second, we have a process here. I’m not calling on people who yell. You’re being disrespectful to your colleagues and you’re being disrespectful to our guest. I will not call on you if you yell, and also you’re taking time off the clock,” said the White House Spokesmuppet.

The Daily Caller reports how the incident divided the journos in the Briefing Room.

The Grio reporter April Ryan also told her she was “being disrespectful.”
Glebova tried to respond but Jean-Pierre immediately silenced her, saying she would not get into a “back and forth with you.”
Glebova then said to Jean-Pierre that she “calls on the same people all the time.”
As Jean-Pierre then tried to step away, the New York Post’s Steven Nelson tried to defend Glebova, as did Simon Ateba from Africa News Today.
Source: Daily Caller

“She’s asking a great question. She asked a valid question. She asked you a question, you should allow her to ask that question,” said Simon Ateba. “She asked a valid question to Dr. Fauci about the origin of COVID-19.”

“It is not your turn. It is not your turn,” interrupted the Press Secretary.

“You call on the same people,” added Ateba. “You called a press briefing, you need to call on people from across the room. She has a valid question. She asked about the origin of COVID-19 and Dr. Fauci is the best person to answer that question.”

“I hear your question but we’re not doing this the way you want it. This is the disrespect –” said KJP. “I’m done. Simon, I’m done… I’m done with you right now.”

Here’s a different angle of the chaos:

It would appear that the White House has their favorite group of reporters that they know will push out their talking points. That’s not a surprise, that’s normal for most administrations.

But the absolute dogged refusal to allow Tony Fauci to face tough questions on his role in investigating the origins of COVID-19 is just atrocious. Especially after his advocacy and funding for “Gain of Function” research — including to EcoHealth Alliance with ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, leaked documents showing that he was kiboshing the lab leak theory and smearing anyone that made that argument, and his adamant refusal to give a straight answer.

It’s disgusting that the White House is shielding Fauci whose actions may have unleashed the ongoing pandemic safetyism hell on the world.

It’s time to end White Coat Supremacy.

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