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Agenda-Driven Groomer Clown Calls For Family To Be ‘Reinvented’


Remember how angry the left got when Disney was called out for siding with the groomers in defense of sexualizing the curriculums of first-graders?

The ClashDaily store remembers:

That was interesting.

How about the time Biden’s DOJ decided that parents concerned about daughters being raped in their school bathrooms were actually ‘terrorists’ because they stood in the way of certain ‘trans’ policies the left has gone all-in with?

People like Project Veritas or Libs Of TikTok give us example after example of teachers with every intention of being subversive with our children as if undermining parental authority were some kind of a noble goal.

More than a decade ago, yours truly was sounding the alarm that marriage has already been ‘redefined’ and the traditional family was next on the chopping block.

One of the RuPaul alumni is part of an explicitly War-on-Christmas musical piggybacking on the recently-canceled Dr. Seuss. Weird how RuPaul keeps popping up in stories about the undermining of family values, isn’t it? It’s only been a couple of days since we were talking about the last one — ‘All Ages’ Christmas Drag Show Attended By CHILDREN Filled With Raunchy Content (VIDEO)

Remember Cindy Lou Who, who was no more than two? The little girl who helped warm the Grinch’s heart? In London, England’s new musical, (Dec and Feb) she’s all grown up, slutty, and hooked on booze and pills. A real Hallmark special, as you can imagine. One more point — she’s become the Grinch. She hates family gatherings.

The musical stars ‘Miz Cracker’, whose real name is Maxwell Eiias Heller. He hates Christmas — and family gatherings — just as much as the lead character in the musical does.

“To say that Christmas is about traditional values or values of any kind anymore is pretty ridiculous,” Heller told PinkNews. “Christ is nowhere featured in this. In America, if you look at the way people knock down the doors of shopping centers, I think you can tell that we have separated Christmas from Christ.”
Aside from that bit of social commentary, Miz Cracker is not above knocking Christ out of Christmas himself, either, especially when it comes to holiday gatherings. The performer feels that Christmas gatherings should be a time to confront people over the LGBTQ agenda.
“I think any opportunity that we have to kick down traditional family values is welcomed,” he said. “The way of thinking about family is old and tired and we need to reinvent it,” Cracker continued.
“I think that Who’s Holiday! does that. It makes fun of family and I think it talks about chosen family and talks about the friends that really matter and what it means to have them in your life. So yeah, fuck family,” he added
. –Breitbart

This ‘groomer clown’ may actually be doing us a favor. In being this vocal about his opposition to family, he’s reminding us that the so-called ‘family-friendly’ events cannot possibly be, in any real sense of the word, ‘family-friendly’ if they stand opposed to the traditional family.

Not only are they reversing the feel-good message that Dr. Seuss told in his beloved story, they are hijacking his good name and reputation to do so.

What must it be like as an ‘artist’ to have such limited creativity that your only hope is to find someone else who was successful, and — like any common parasite — suck the life out of their story so you can push your own propaganda piece?

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