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BOOM: Here Comes The TwitterFiles COVID-19 Big Reveal

The Twitter files COVID conspiracy drop was eagerly anticipated. This one outlines the first of what Elon promises will be several that shed light on what REALLY happened.

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But This is the one we specifically highlight with every TwitterFiles drop. And every time it becomes increasingly relevant.


Here are some of the key points to watch for as you review the thread:

#7 — Google, Facebook, Microsoft, specifically involved in government mentions.

#8 — Biden administration explicitly called for the cancellation of an investigative reporter (Alex Berenson) that disagreed with the official White House narrative.

#9 — Berenson was suspended hours after Biden’s public comments about vaccine misinformation, account shut down not long after that

#10 — Biden admin asking why Berenson had NOT been kicked off Twitter

#11 — Evidence of ongoing White House pressure campaign to influence Twitter

#12 — Biden admin ‘very angry’ about accounts that had NOT been deplatformed

#20 — Doctor Martin Kulldorff (a Harvard Prof, no less) suspended for writing true statements that contradicted WH narratives … action was taken against his account

#25 — User cited actual CDC data and got flagged as misleading.

#29 — Doctor given strikes after citing a peer-reviewed study

#34 — Jim Baker (of FBI Crossfire Hurricane infamy) pressured Yoel Roth to censor Trump for … optimism after he had recovered from COVID… Against all reasonable expectations, Roth actually played the role of the responsible adult in that conversation.

#37 — what was really meant by ‘the science’

Elon himself says the quiet part out loud:

For context:


Elon Smoked The Old Twitter Bird

ClashDaily’s Big Dawg has put his own spin on what’s been going down on the ol’ Bird App — the old Twitter is dead and Elon is building a new one.

Check out Doug’s latest piece, ‘Elon Smoked The Old Twitter Bird.’

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