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Did Republicans Finally Learn Their Lesson About Striking Bad Deals With Schumer?

About a week ago, ClashDaily reacted to news that McConnell was finalizing a deal with Schumer that would extend the budget for another year.

As you can tell by the headline, the news did not sit well with us. If Only McConnell Hated The Left’s Agenda As Much As He Hates Some Republicans…

The criticism we had for him was that Republicans would be giving up any leverage from the ‘power of the purse’ aspect of having won back the House for the first half of the two-year term. After watching Chuck and Nancy play ruthless political hardball for the last 6 years, it seemed ridiculous to hand Democrats an unearned victory.

In that story, we said the following about budget negotiations:

You know Schumer would never have agreed to letting the other party lock in spending for a whole year when his side was about to get the gavel in a few more weeks. A funding bridge to February should be the red line MAXIMUM of what we offer — and we should expect a LOT in exchange for it… including restoration of the wall funding.

A little more than a week later, it seems McConnell has been made to reconsider striking any one-year backroom deals with Chuck.

Congressional leaders including McConnell met with President Joe Biden at the White House last week, where they discussed passing a year-long omnibus package to keep the government running and its employees paid.
Multiple Republican senators indicated to on Tuesday that they’re opposed to such an extensive spending package.
Last week, McConnell said that there was ‘widespread agreement’ on the need to pass an omnibus bill – but he backpedaled today during the Senate GOP leadership press conference after the parties held their weekly policy lunches.
‘We’re at a pretty significant impasse,’ he began. ‘With regard to government spending, time is ticking. we’ve not been able to agree on a topline yet.’
He said it was ‘becoming increasingly clear’ that a short-term funding bill ‘until early next year’ was more viable than a year-long package.
‘We are running out of time and that may be the only option left that we can agree to pursue,’ McConnell said.
— DailyMail

Maybe our guys in party leadership CAN be persuaded to do the right thing after all … once they have exhausted all other alternatives.

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