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OOPS: Teacher Makes Important Admission About The REAL Root Of Critical Race Theory

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Uh-oh. One school teacher just gave the game away about the real origin story of CRT. Spoiler alert — critics were right all along!

CRT is short for Critical Race Theory, a pedagogical paradigm drawn from ‘Critical Theory’ that first took root in law schools like Harvard. One of the key features is that instead of seeing society as a single entity brought together by (for example) shared law, land, and language, society can be better understood as competing groups locked in an endless battle of oppressed and oppressor — those competing groups are primarily divided by race.

By believing and teaching such a paradigm, any understanding of a Western nation as ‘one people’ is directly undermined by presentation of us-and-them paradigms as uncontested fact.

The fact that this philosophy and pedagogy is gaining traction among teachers goes a long way to explaining the sudden sharp rise in identitarian divisions in society.

If the endless struggle of us-and-them sounds familiar, it should. It precisely mirrors the root of Marxist revolutionary doctrines encouraging the ‘oppressed’ working class to rise up against their masters.

Critics on the right have long maintained that this parallel is not merely cosmetic. In fact, CRT is just a repackaging of Marxist class theory, swapping out aggrieved racial groups in place of an aggrieved social underclass. In other important respects — including blame, envy, vicimhood cycles, and the corrosion of our social fabric — it remains the same.

When seen in this light, the media’s endless framing of every issue in terms of race, white supremacy, or some other kind of ‘social injustice’, makes so much more sense. One group HAS to be perpetually guilty as an oppressor for their philosophy to work… and the narrative must never be permitted to undermine that philosophy.

Teachers and defenders of CRT-based race theories have either denied that CRT has any role in schools, or they conflate it with Critical Theory, or — in those instances where they cannot deny the heavy-handed racialized curriculum — they deny any connection to the Marxist/socialist worldview.

Until now. A court case in Canada was forced to admit what many of us already knew.

Anthony Jeethan, a teacher who serves as one of the judges on the Discipline Committee of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), admitted that Critical Theory – which is related to Critical Race Theory, a controversial new program being taught in Canadian schools – is derived from the teachings of Karl Marx, the founder of communism.
“Marx informs critical theory,” explained Jeethan during an OCT hearing in which he’d been asked to recuse himself as a judge due to a reasonable apprehension of bias against a Christian defendant, the Toronto Catholic School Board Trustee, Mike Del Grande.
Part of the reason why Jeethan had been asked to recuse is that his writing cited The Communist Manifesto, the book co-authored by Karl Marx, an atheist who sought not only to abolish capitalism from the face of the earth, but also religion. Marx famously wrote that “Religion…. is the opium of the people”.
Why was Jeethan’s admission significant?
Firstly, none of the school boards incorporating Critical Race Theory (CRT) language into school curriculum admit to its Marxist origins or its communistic goal of igniting class warfare. They never even mention to parents that these teachings are derived from the writings of communism’s founder, Karl Marx.
In fact, the promoters of CRT normally deny and obfuscate about its Marxist connections whenever the point is raised. For instance, Joshua Sealy-Harrington, a professor and CRT scholar at Toronto’s Ryerson University mockingly dismissed the idea that CRT is a ploy to advance communism, telling the National Post: “Basic psychology will tell you that children learn about race at a young age.… This isn’t some Marxist conspiracy theory. This is literally just true.”
— LifeSite News

It’s nice to see someone admit that they really ARE pushing a Marxist worldview in our public schools.

Now that we’ve established what we’re arguing over, this isn’t merely a question of treating people of different ethnicities in a ‘tolerant’ manner, we can have an honest conversation about whether this kind of propaganda has any place in our schools.

If the schools insist on teaching it anyway? It’s up to the parents to protect their kids by looking for other ways of delivering their children an education.

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Wes Walker

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