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FLYING FURNITURE: Waffle House Staffer Handles Violent Customer … Like A Champ


There are people with ice water in their veins… and then there’s this Waffle House staffer.

The people you want by your side in a crisis are the kind who know how to keep their head when everyone else loses theirs.

That’s a given. But not even flinching in the face of a physical attack?

That’s next-level stuff.

Here we see a chick with a chair being thrown at her head — and continuing as if like nothing even happened.

The chatter on social media explained the chair was thrown after the assailant picked a fight with someone in the store — and lost.

They were right. The fight was filmed in a Waffle House in Austin Texas.

And it put the ‘ug’ in ugly.

(Video includes profanity, obviously.)

All the poor guy standing in line and filming this insanity wanted was to get his waffle.

No chill in these chicks at all. No Christmas spirit, either.

That fight was posted on the 22nd of December. We wouldn’t be surprised if these chicks found a warrant in their stocking come Christmas morning.

As badass as that girl behind the counter was, she doesn’t hold a candle to the ones featured here:

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Wes Walker

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