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HERE WE GO: NeverTrump J6 Committee Pushing For Charges Against Trump


It was the worst-kept secret in all of Washington. Rabid Trump haters in the illegitimate committee comprised entirely of people who had voted to impeach Trump think he’s … guilty.

This is the crop of yahoos that had to apologize for manipulating evidence of a Republican congressman’s texts, who pushed a crackpot theory about Trump grabbing the wheel of the Presidential limo and choking out agents (despite the relevant agents offering to stand before the committee and refute these claims) and who insist that the events of January six resulted in the deaths of police officers …

“I think that the evidence is pretty clear…who is primarily responsible for whipping up that crowd, sending them to the Capitol, and people’s lives being endangered and…police officers losing their lives.” – Rep. Pete Aguilar, Face The Nation Dec 4, 2022.

… despite the fact that the only cop to die that day received an autopsy that showed no sign of trauma to the head, whether internally or externally. Tragically, he died of natural causes. A stroke.

Dem Congressman Repeats LIE About Death Of Capitol Police Officer — Gets B-Slapped With Facts (VIDEO)

Should it surprise anyone that they would find a reason — ANY reason — to parlay their investigation into a criminal trial of President Donald J. Trump, during his run to pick up his party’s nomination?

But of course that’s what they’re doing. Because the whole crowd of these knuckleheads haven’t even noticed they themselves are the living embodiment of Washington DC corruption. That goes double for Schiff.

The conclusion was never in doubt for the January 6th committee. Despite a year-plus of investigations and hearings that over-promised and underdelivered, Liz Cheney, Bennie Thompson, Adam Schiff, and crew will send criminal referrals targeting Donald Trump to the Department of Justice.
As Redstate reported previously, the details of the referrals were previously leaked, showing that the committee is going to charge Trump with insurrection, obstruction of an official proceeding, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Now, the vote has been completed and it is confirmed those referrals will go forward. The announcement will be made in dramatic fashion on Monday during the committee’s final hearing.

Biden’s AG will more than likely take up the case, which will create a constitutional crisis…

Seeing as Biden has ALREADY several strikes against him in having allowed/encouraged America to devolve into a Banana Republic where political dissent is criminalized and political friends are immunized, and the various organs of government are little more than tools to reward or punish people accordingly, we know exactly what to expect out of Biden’s DOJ.

If Holder was Obama’s ‘Wingman’, Garland is Biden’s ‘Leg-breaker’. This is beyond dispute. The non-prosecution of criminal protest of sitting judges and violent acts against pro-life organizations at exactly the same time that the DOJ is hitting peaceful pro-life protesters with early-morning raids by SWAT teams with guns drawn was only part of the picture. Categorizing parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ for expressing their opinions at school board meetings was another piece of the puzzle.

But the BIG prize has always been Trump. The left hates him with the heat of a thousand suns. They have thoroughly embraced the ‘by any means necessary’ philosophy, and that includes using Congressional hearings as a ‘workaround’ to seize information against Trump that the Bill of Rights specifically forbids law enforcement from using in criminal prosecution.

The illegitimate Committee — with ZERO dissenting opinion allowed to participate — pretended this investigation had legislative merit. In recommending indictment, they have proven Trump’s supporters right. This was never anything less than a witch-hunt.

How this resolves is anybody’s guess. But this opens them all up to discovery.

Their goal, obviously, is exactly what was from the moment they created this sham committee. It was designed to resolve just in time to knock Trump out of contention of the 2024 cycle.

They should think long and hard about the consequences of pushing this. Besides the obvious Constitutional crisis they would plunge the country into, they haven’t thought of the Pandora’s Box they would open.

Suppose they succeed, and the Republican nomination goes to someone else. What have they really gained?

If Trump is President, he is constrained in what he can and cannot do, politically.

But if he gets knocked out, he can dedicate the rest of his life to using the revelations made by way of the Twitter files and Missouri lawsuits to launch a legal campaign against the entire cabal that has conspired against him.

Starting with the players in the Durham report… to the people in government who violated his 1A rights … to members in J6 who violated due process … to the Big Tech oligarchy itself.

The people pushing for this indictment have already been busted for fabricating evidence. How hopelessly biased is their judgment? The premise of the 2nd Impeachment was based entirely on one leaked phone call to Georgia’s Raffensberger.

Even WaPo, who hated him too, eventually got around to admitting that Trump never actually called for anything illegal. Democracy Dies In Darkness: WaPo Issues Correction TWO MONTHS After Publishing Fake Trump Quotes Cited By Other Media Outlets

Of course, ClashDaily, and our partners were saying the same thing one day after the call went public: WAPO Misled About What Trump Said On The Raffensperger Call — Here’s The FULL Audio

If ever there was a time we needed to trust our law enforcement to be politically impartial, now is that time. Unfortunately, they’ve been playing for the blue team since at least 2016 — and probably longer.

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