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LMAO: Tom Cotton Twists The Knife As Woke Corporation ‘Effs Around And Finds Out’

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A major corporation just got an important life lesson in the value of not suckerpunching someone you think is ‘disposable’ before realizing you need to come back to them cap-in-hand for a favor.

Corporations have been cozying up to all the trendy social movements for fear that activists will make an example of them and turn them into social media pariahs.

But the price to be paid in appeasing those activists was throwing a sacrifice under the bus.

Kroger lost a lawsuit on religious discrimination grounds for firing some employees rather than accommodating a request that they NOT wear the rainbow pride symbol… and Tom Cotton raised that situation with their CEO.

Even when asked if the company wanted to offer an apology to the aggrieved staff he had fired, the CEO sidestepped the question. That led into the topic at hand, where a possible merger deal with another grocery chain was under consideration.

This is where the ‘eff around and find out’ principle came into effect.

Kroger was given a choice between the religious freedom rights of their own employees and the cultural colonialism of the secular activists… they chose the activists.

Tom Cotton explained in words so small that they could not POSSIBLY misunderstand him how there is a cause-and-effect relationship between siding with the woke mob over the Constitutional rights of American citizens, and the response they get from the defenders of such rights when Kroger wants special consideration.

I’m sorry this is happening to you. Best of luck.

Oof. That’s a solid hit.

And he’s down for the count…

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