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Prominent YouTuber That Analyzes COVID Data Calls For Immediate Halt To mRNA Shots… And He’s Not Alone

YouTuber Dr. John Campbell went from pushing the government line on mRNA shots to calling for a “pause” on the vaccine rollout program.

Though not a medical doctor, Campbell is a semi-retired clinical nurse in the United Kingdom who teaches nurses and holds a Ph.D. He is also a researcher, an academic, and has written textbooks. His expertise is in human physiology and pathophysiology as applied to clinical practice.

Campbell, whose videos have been included in a number of articles about COVID-19 and mRNA shots on this website in recent months, has made a dramatic shift in his views over the past year and a half or so after his analysis of the data.

Early in the pandemic, Dr. Campbell’s YouTube channel was advocating for all of the government recommendations that were all the rage in most countries — lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and (nearly ritualistic) handwashing.


Dr. Campbell went from praising the mRNA jabs for their protection from infection and optimism that the mRNA shots would end the pandemic…

Here he is in November 2020:

Again in February 2021:

…to calling for an immediate halt on all vaccinations on Wednesday because the data shows that the harms now outweigh the benefit.

Dr. Campbell posted the most recent video on Rumble because he knows he would run afoul of YouTube’s rules on COVID misinformation.

The clip was also shared on Twitter.

For the past few months, it has been clear that Dr. Campbell has been trending in this direction.

The shift seems to have started with his analysis of the Pfizer documents.

At around the 19-minute mark, he says that he can’t understand why the media hasn’t picked up on the story. “I would have thought that this was a complete scandal on par with Watergate,” said Campbell incredulously.

In thes same video, Campbell later says, “to actually do something that does harm to people that are otherwise healthy… You could argue it is a fundamental breach of the Hippocrates idea that first ‘Do no harm’ and it appears it appears we’ve done some harm.”

He added, “As far as we know all of our current regulatory bodies are still saying the risk benefit analysis is favorable but in terms of — we could argue about the past we could argue about Delta but in terms of Omicron, the risk benefit analysis has changed and let’s hope that starts feeding through into into policies.”

About a year ago, Campbell invited a professional moutain biker, Kyle Werner, who was injured from the Pfizer vaccine, onto his channel to discuss the vaccine-induced myocarditis.

Campbell followed up with Werner and had him on his channel several times to discuss his work with cataloging adverse reactions to the mRNA shots.

The preponderance of evidence in the form of the documented data from the Pfizer trials, listening to the vaccine injured, and what he thinks is now his own personal vaccine injury experience — Dr. Campbell has made a U-turn.

Calling for the end of all mRNA shots is quite the transformation for Dr. Campbell… but he’s not alone.

Australian cardiologist Dr. Ross Walker also made the same U-turn. A year ago, Dr. Walker said that the vaccines prevent severe illness and death, and that getting vaccinated is for the “greater good.” He was all for vaccine passports and punishing the unvaccinated. He also dismissed the incidence of adverse reactions.

The Epoch Times reported that Dr. Walker has changed his tune.

“Cardiologist Dr. Ross Walker called to halt only the mRNA vaccines for young adults in favor of non-mRNA options,” states the article posted on December 14, 2022.

According to Walker, the mRNA vaccines are “very pro-inflammatory,” he told Daily Mail Australia. “ He contended that The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization should never have mandated mRNA vaccines.
“I’ve seen many people getting vaccine reactions, who get symptoms for about three to six months afterwards,” Walker said. “I’ve seen 60-70 patients in my own practice over the past 12 months who have had similar reactions.”
Those reactions have included shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and chest pain, he continued.
Source: Epoch Times

The article lists other medical professtionals from around the world that are urging caution with the mRNA products — especially with young adults and children. Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, and Dr. Kenji Yamamot, a Cardiac Surgeon in Japan are among them.

The article also notes that some doctors have personally experienced adverse reactions but still continue to push the mRNA jabs. Dr. Gregory Poland, a vaccine researcher in Rochester, Minnesota has suffered debilitating tinnitus and Dr.  Michel Goldman, a Belgian Immunologist who had been battling lymphoma, believes the Pfizer booster accelerated the cancer spread in his body.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who was in favor of the COVID “vaccines” at first until his father suddenly died after his second COVID jab, was posting clips of other medical professionals that have made a complete about-face as he, Campbell, and others did.

Surgeon Ahmad Malik posted a thread citing the British Medical Journal’s risk/benefit analysis of the mRNA shots to young people.

But it’s not just doctors, either. UK Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen is calling for an immediate halt of the mRNA shots as well.

One could make an argument that early in the pandemic these “Emergency Use” mRNA shots administered to those at the highest risk of severe illness and death was a gamble many were willing to take.

But then the government mandates came, it was given to younger and younger people, and the virus itself has changed and is now less deadly than it had been when it first spread in the spring of 2020.

The risk-benefit calculation is very different now than what it had been back then, and it’s very different depending on age and risk factor.

We also know that the “vaccines” are not stopping transmission as promised and there is disturbing data about the effect on the immune system with consecutive doses.

Perhaps letting people make their own medical decisions instead of coercing them to take a risk that was hidden from them was a bad idea. As Dr. Campbell said, it only undermines trust in public health officials that could be really devastating if a more severe emergency arises.

It looks like the “medical consensus” on mRNA shots isn’t “settled science” after all.

That’s going to upset all the Faucists out there.

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