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Biden’s COVID Czar Makes Awkward Admission Just As Press Pushes ‘Forever Masking’


Biden’s COVID Czar may have accidentally stuck a pin in the fondest hopes of the Forever Masker crowd.

Is Dr. Jha a true believer in masks, or is he another one of those champagne socialists who likes what the mask signifies more than what it actually does?

We’ll let our readers judge for themselves. Here’s a video of him in a Zoom meeting earlier this week.

It’s been clear from the beginning of the WuFlu crisis that arguments for mask-wearing were driven by emotional rather than rational considerations.

Passions ran hot. Confrontations between strangers over mask-wearing compliance were all over social media. We alternated between grief and rage over stories of adults forcing masks onto the faces of small children ‘for their good’.

We saw children in bands playing clarinets through a mask slit so they could comply with the mandate, and we’re still not certain whether the mask with a mouth-hole that could open and close between bites during a meal was intended as a joke or not.

More than anything, the wearing or non-wearing of masks has signified whether you were playing on Team Fauci, or whether you were one of those mean old granny-killers that was being systematically run out of polite society by government flacks and journos (apologies for the redundancy) confident in the justification that their bullying and abuse of the non-compliant was ultimately for the greater good.

(Isn’t every tyranny justified with exactly that rationale?)

Fast forward to the closing days of 2022, when we have learned a lot about just how much that science we were told to believe had got wrong.

It wasn’t just that they had drawn the wrong conclusions from ideas, it’s that they worked backward from their assumptions and actively silenced anyone who dared dissent — even experts. Many of the questions and concerns raised by those experts were eventually proven correct… but that was only long after the damage was done.

Our social dynamics have been forever changed by that wrong-headed experiment and social conditioning. Our alleged press is not interested in going back to life as we knew it. They have embraced this ‘new normal’. And they are touting a group of medical professionals of various backgrounds that have come together to push medical policy.

If you read the article, you will see it’s about a leaderless collective of people very angry that we are moving away from the medical fear porn we were spoon-fed through the shutdowns associated with the Wuhan China virus. They share some of the standard marxist assumptions about what’s ‘really’ driving a return to normal and an end to a permanent state of anxiety. (Spoiler: big business and ‘powerful interests’ are the villains in their story.)

That New Yorker story was published on December 28, 2022, and doubtless, you can find countless others making their own cases for the permanent adoption of a mask-wearing culture.

Forget the fact that these are the same ‘great garbage patch’ people who have outlawed drinking straws to ‘save the planet’. They are now advocating the habitual wearing of non-recyclable single-use oil-based polypropylene products. The urgent morality of saving the planet must yield to the more urgent priorities of the cult of mask-wearing.

Biden has been more than willing to exploit the C-19 for political expediency, even to the point of using masks and vaccine mandates as a means of bullying people and ruining lives. And his COVID Czar has not been shy about supporting mask mandates. For example, in July of 2022, when so many of us had moved on with our lives, he openly praised LA for leaning into a mask madate.

Dr. Ashish Jha, President Biden’s COVID-19 coordinator, voiced support on Sunday for Los Angeles County preparing to bring back its mask mandate, as the area has seen a surge in coronavirus cases driven by the BA.5 variant of the omicron strain.
Los Angeles is on pace to bring back its universal indoor mask mandate on July 29, unless the county drops below the CDC’s “high” transmission threshold by that point. Jha was asked about Los Angeles’ move to bring back its mask mandate during his appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

And yet, in that Zoom call just days ago, he admitted we have no studies that prove masks actually work.

Like so many of Biden’s administration, he wants to have it both ways.

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