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Radical Dem J6’er Believes The Constitution Is A Threat To Democracy


One could name a lot of elected Democrat midwit partisan hacks. But Jamie Raskin is an unusually committed partisan hack.

For example, Raskin was in the thick of the impeachment prosecution, which changed labels after Trump left office only to call itself the J6 Committee. So if you’re looking for a fair mind and a level head, you should look somewhere else.

As if the tawdry, underhanded tactics evident throughout the J6 committee weren’t enough to show he was part of a group more than willing to play fast-and-loose with the Constitution in their effort to take down Trump, Raskin has just shown his contempt for the Constitution itself.

Either HE doesn’t understand point of the Electoral College, or he’s cynical enough to lie about it, assuming the majority of America doesn’t. With the state of modern civics education and his confidence in the news media backing him up … the latter is just as possible as the former.

Rep. Jamie Raskin said Sunday the Electoral College “has become a danger” to American democracy.
Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the Maryland Democrat said: “I think that the Electoral College now, which has given us five popular vote losers as president in our history — twice in this century alone — has become a danger.”
Raskin said it is about time that Americans elect presidents the same way they elect other public officials, through the popular vote.
“It was a danger on January 6th,” said Raskin, who served on the House select committee that investigated the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, “There are so many curving by-ways and nooks and crannies in the Electoral College that there are opportunities for a lot of strategic mischief.”
…Changes to the Electoral Count Act were included in the omnibus spending bill that the House and Senate passed last week. Those changes are designed to block some of what then-President Donald Trump and his allies tried to do in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.
Raskin said he backed those reforms, but that they didn’t go far enough.
“I’m for that. That’s the very least we can do and we must do,” he said. “It’s necessary, but it’s not remotely sufficient.”– Politico

Ironically, here’s what the same political hack said about the Bush/Gore fight. Funny how Mr. Principle here finds a way to take the same situation and turn what his team did into something laudable, while when the other team does it, it’s something criminal.

No, Jamie. It is NOT a danger to the REPUBLIC, specifically, because the Framers — who were well-studied in the lessons of the political history of countries who had tested early versions of this system — considered unchecked democracy to be just as dangerous a form of tyranny as oligarchies or authoritarian kings.

So they devised a system of — all together class — ‘checks and balances’ to curb those authoritarian streaks. It’s bad enough that the coasts have been able to dump boatloads of money into red states to gin up support for candidates whose backing comes almost entirely from out-of-state. That, arguably, could be considered a form of disenfranchisement that really IS playing out in America. Now Raskin wants big coastal blue state cites with sketchy voter rolls that haven’t been purged in years — (leaving a bloated margin for chicanery, or ‘strategic michief’) on election day dictating who the President is?

Suppose those sprawling urban centers suddenly gave up on Dems as a lost cause and started voting Red? Would guys like Raskin still be making this case? Or are they saying it specifically because they think it provides them a road to power?

As for the changes made to the Electoral Count act — the Republican Senators who voted to jam them through in this Omnibus bill without any proper debate will have some explaining to do.

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