Rand Paul Demands Answers About DNI Funding Of Chinese Military BioWeapons Research

Written by Wes Walker on December 27, 2022


It’s no longer a question of did we shovel money at Chinese Bioweapons projects. Now it’s a question of who and how much?

Remember how smug and condescending Fauci was during Congressional questioning? Was that because he was confident that powerful forces would cover his six?

Rand Paul wrote an article for Front Page Magazine about the latest developments in the money we sent to Wuhan.

Right from the opening paragraph, he came out swinging.

Last week, a bombshell intelligence report on the origins of COVID-19 was released by House Republicans with the explosive discovery that the United States government funded genetic manipulation of coronaviruses, not only at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but at a Chinese Military research facility. –FrontPage

Obviously, China is going to play games with us, and has no intention of admitting guilt.

But we shouldn’t expect the same treatment from our own side — especially when it comes to people over whom Congress has legitimate direct oversight.

Rand Paul wants answers, and he’s willing to play hardball to get them.

From the same article:

House Republicans have released a document which reveals the U.S. government funded a Chinese Military Research Institute where a coronavirus scientist and general by the name of Zhou Yusen announced February 24,2020 that he’d already developed a COVID vaccine.
Vanity Fair published that three scientists they consulted felt that General Zhou would have had to have the genetic sequence in November to possibly develop a vaccine so fast. The official date China admitted to knowing the COVID sequence was Jan. 11, 2020.
We know that at least two Wuhan labs have published experiments where they insert furin cleavage sites into coronaviruses. The furin cleavage site allows the coronavirus to infect human cells. When COVID was sequenced, scientists discovered it to be the first SARS-like coronavirus to have a furin cleavage site.
House Republicans, including Intel Chair Mike Turner, have told the Director of National Intelligence that they will withhold funds if the Intel community doesn’t come clean. This story isn’t over and neither is the story of the COVID cover up.
— FrontPage

We already know that Peter Daszak and Eco Health Alliance were a conduit by which Fauci was shoveling money to Chinese labs. Where there others? If so, how many, and who ran them?

The administrative state has gotten far to comfortable running their operations in the shadows of legal grey areas or sometimes open defiance of the laws that bind them. It’s time for some oversight to push them back into the light.

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