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School Board Finds Solution To Teacher Wearing Enormous Fake Breasts…

The school board is standing by the teacher choosing to wear fetish gear in open mockery of what a woman is, but they’re cracking down on students taking photos of that teacher.

The ongoing saga of the teacher in Ontario that can accurately be labeled a “breast man” continues.

In case you need to catch up, here’s the quick’n’dirty recap…

Kelly Lemieux, a shop teacher in Oakville, Ontario, began identifying as a woman last year and now goes by the name “Kayla”. Lemieux often wears a long, blonde wig, makeup, and dresses in bike shorts and shirts that fit tightly over the massive prosthetic breasts with protruding nipples.

The incredible thing is that the Halton District School Board has refused to discipline Lemieux over the clearly inappropriate attire because of its “gender identity” policy and fear of running afoul of the human rights legislation in Canada that forbids discrimination based on “gender identity or expression.” HDSB is taking the position that imposing a dress code on educators that excludes watermelon-sized prosthetic breasts with erect nipples may be considered “discriminatory” even though the Board’s dress code policy states, “Dress codes must prevent students from wearing clothing that exposes or makes visible genitals and nipples.”

Basically, the HDSB’s policy states that the pokey nipples wouldn’t be acceptable if Lemieux was a student but it’s perfectly fine for the teacher in womanface. Or at least, that’s how they’re applying it with Lemieux. Somehow, it doesn’t seem like a female high school teacher could get away with showing up to work on a daily basis with her nipples visible through her shirt without some discussion from higher-ups that it isn’t appropriate.

The HDSB has come up with a solution to the international media mockery of allowing this teacher to wear fetish gear to class… ban the students from taking photos of Lemieux or face suspension.

Veteran Toronto Sun journalist Joe Warmington’s article about the new HDSB policy made the front page.

From the article:

Controversial Oakville Trafalgar High School shop teacher Kayla Lemieux has taken her now world-famous blonde wig, shorts and prosthetic breasts on the road to classrooms in several schools.
But students have been warned not to capture a picture or video; some parents say students have been “threatened with suspension if they attempt to take photos of Lemieux.”
But some took the risk and shot video, anyway.
Video captured last week at Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondary School in Burlington, shows the teacher, — who changed her first name from Kerry to Kayla — hobbling along a school hallway with the help of crutches and wearing a boot-cast on her right foot.
Source: Toronto Sun

As you can see from this video captured by a student, the new policy is working swimmingly:

You’ll notice that in the video, Lemieux is wearing a boot and using crutches.

Late last month, a video surfaced of Lemieux skydiving in October with a “conservative porn star” — whatever that means — who goes by the name Voodoo.

The Sun has previously reported sightings of Lemieux wearing this boot following a skydiving adventure in Ancaster.
While the person on the dive said there was no noticeable or reported injury following the landing, a foot injury has kept Lemieux out of the shop classroom at Oakville Trafalgar High School (OTHS) for “safety reasons” because of the machinery that is installed there. Past videos showing Lemieux have already raised the alarm bells of some industrial arts educators, who say the large breasts and a chain around the teacher’s neck posed potential safety risks.

Lemieux can’t teach shop right now because of the boot and crutches… but can still teach.

Lemieux has not been teaching at OTHS for weeks, but was caught on video — in full attire — as a substitute teacher at Hayden this week and also recently, at Abbey Park High School in Oakville. Witnesses say Halton Regional Police cars were on the property at both schools.
“Lemieux gets a personal escort (and) protection everywhere he goes,” said one parent.
Source: Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun Editor Emeritus Lorrie Goldstein points out how absurd all of this is.

Greg Gutfeld has been covering “GazoombaGate” on his show and has raised the possibility floating around on the internet that this might just be an incredibly elaborate troll by a disgruntled teacher.

If this is trolling of the woke school board, the boot preventing Lemieux from teaching shop at OTHS and being sent to work as a substitute at other schools all over the district is a masterstroke.

Think about it — it’s got to be difficult to keep up the pretense with those massive prosthetics for months on end. Lemieux is making PrimeTime 99 Alex Stein look like a novice troll, and that alone is impressive.

If it’s not an attempt to call out the idiocy at the HDSB with an elaborate troll, then a public school board is calling a paraphilia and/or a fetish a protected identity and allowing sexual fetish gear to be worn in front of high school students.

The media silence on that possibility is deafening.

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