Schumer’s Massive Amnesty Plan Hits BIG Roadblock Thanks To Court Ruling In Texas

Written by Wes Walker on December 16, 2022


With tens of thousands of foreigners gathered on the far side of the border waiting for the starter’s flag to signal the end of Title 42… there’s a new wrinkle in their hopes to enter the country unopposed.

A ‘win’ Biden’s DOJ thought they had already secured to remove Trump’s highly-effective Remain In Mexico policy just went up in smoke.

With projections of 14,000 people a day expected to flood across the border, the Biden administration actively taking up lawsuits against border states for erecting barriers to the unfettered flow of humanity, and Schumer making open pledges of full amnesty for ‘however many’ people are here illegally, Texas is still claiming that Biden’s open contempt for immigration law necessitates the Remain In Mexico policy to be upheld.

In short, if Biden is unable or (more accurately) unwilling to fulfill the federal government’s obligation to detain anyone awaiting hearings on the validity of their asylum claims is a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act, or ‘INA’.

Specifically, if an alien seeking admission is not clearly and beyond a doubt entitled to be admitted, the alien should be detained until a hearing can be held.

We have millions of would-be ‘asylum-seekers’ from some 160 countries. They can’t ALL be genuine asylum-seekers. Otherwise, libs would be forced to admit that America is literally the only good country on the planet and everywhere else is some kind of dangerous $#^!hole country they need saving from.

That leaves option 2: most of these people have no business trying to claim ‘asylum’ in America, and, by law, need to be detained (or, as Trump’s compromise made possible) made to wait beyond our borders until they can make their case for why THEY are the special case that needs to be let in.

The court ordered a stay on the striking down of what’s been dubbed Trump’s Remain In Mexico policy, which indicates the judge’s belief that the plaintiff (the state of Texas) would most likely win their case on the merits.

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