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Seth Rich Back In The News, FBI Had His Work Computer All This Time

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It seems like forever ago that Wikileaks and the mysterious murder of Seth Rich were on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But with talk of Assange’s extradition and now this update on Seth Rich’s laptop, all things old are new again.

For those who have forgotten, or missed the story the first time around, Seth Rich was working for the DNC during Hillary’s campaign.

His name came up as a possible source for the DNC leaks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Julian is notoriously protective of his sources, and neither affirmed nor denied any role of Seth Rich as his source.

When Rich turned up dead in a ‘botched robbery’ but still had possessions like his phone on him, theories about what REALLY happened abounded. This was further complicated by the list people had already compiled and circulated about the uncanny number of people close to Bill and Hillary that happened to die untimely deaths at times that just happen to be serendipitous for the Clintons.

With the towering evidence of FBI becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat party, gaps in the stories about his murder have never helped.

New revelations about his case will do nothing to solve those questions. If anything, they will raise new suspicions.

Four documents that had never been disclosed in the Seth Rich case have now been ‘found’ by the FBI.

The FBI not only has possession of a laptop computer owned by slain Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich, but a report detailing forensic imaging of what’s being described as Rich’s work computer, the bureau revealed in a new filing.
The FBI’s records office located the report while searching for the work computer, Michael Seidel, chief of the office, said in a sworn declaration filed with a federal court in Texas on Dec. 9.
He described the document as “a three (3) page forensic report detailing the actions performed by an outside entity to image the work laptop.”
The report was among four documents that had never been disclosed by the FBI in relation to Rich’s case.
— Epoch Times

That part was bad. But it gets worse.

The new records were found after the records office contacted an unnamed FBI special agent during its search for Rich’s work computer, according to FBI Records Chief Seidel.
The other records are a letter from a third-party that accompanied the work computer and two FBI chain of custody forms.
None of the records were indexed to Rich inside of the bureau’s central records system and neither the forensic report nor the custody forms mention Rich’s name, according to the FBI. They were also not included in an electronic file created for Rich’s case.
The agent claimed that disclosure of the records would harm an FBI investigation into the allegations that Russians had hacked into U.S. systems.
Bureau officials had previously claimed in sworn statements that the FBI had searched for records on Rich but did not locate any.

The FBI somehow managed to file this computer — which would ‘harm an investigation into allegations about Russian hacking’ with absolutely no mention of its owner’s name? And it was somehow excluded from a file created for Rich’s case?

It’s almost as if they were doing the trick they got caught doing with another recent case… filing something under the wrong name so that it could never come up in a search.

We don’t even have to revive any of the old questions about Rich and Assange to say that labeling evidence in a way that it can’t be found in FBI databases requires an explanation … and in a time period where they have been caught manufacturing or burying evidence for purely political reasons, that explanation had better be VERY convincing.

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