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WATCH: Former DNI Head Names REAL Election Interference Goons … And It’s Not The Russians


When the Office of the DNI turned up in the TwitterFiles, Maria Bartiromo decided to go right to the source and ask former Director Ratcliffe what was REALLY going on in there.

He reminded everyone that — contrary to what was said by those 51 IC members who signed that letter — the DNI did have an official position on the Hunter Biden laptop. That official position had been announced by none other than the Head of the DNI himself before the election had been held.

We covered that as it happened, back in October of 2020. ‘Shifty’ Schiff Says That The Hunter Biden Laptop Is ‘Clearly From The Kremlin’ — DNI Ratcliffe Says He’s Wrong (VIDEO)

Neither Schiff nor anyone else had been giving briefings claiming the briefings were Russian disinfo. Ratcliffe would be in a position to know this information because the DNI never gave any such briefing. They could not have given such a briefing because they had no evidence to back up that sort of claim.

He covered that in the first part of his interview. So far as he knows, his department did not go rogue. There was only one meeting with Twitter mentioned in the TwitterFiles drops and there was a kind of generic election security meeting with social media groups that was authorized by the Trump administration. The regular meetings FBI and DHS were having with Democrats were a whole other issue.

The relevant part of the video begins at about the 2:40 mark.

They discuss different aspects of the newly-released Twitter revelations until they take on the

From from October 18th when I was on your program and stated the official position of the intelligence community and then the Department of Justice and the FBI stated in agreement the position of law enforcement.

Nobody should have been saying anything to the contrary um to Twitter or to anyone else you know that includes former election officials, that includes reporters and and those that engage in any process to say that there was any ambiguity with respect to that we’re engaged in election interference and a disinformation campaign to mislead uh the American voting electorate.

If we care as much as we claim to about ‘free and fair elections’… this allegation is not insignificant.

It gets even better. Not only has he named domestic persons, including people in the IC, who have been engaged in domestic election interference, but he turns his attention to Jim Baker and starts connecting dots on just what kind of a partisan hack he has been all along… from being one of the back-channels by which Hillary lauched her attacks at Trump that led to falsified FISA to his role at the top of Twitter where he was fired, it has been said, for illicitly deleting incriminating emails that he was supposedly ‘vetting’.

In a just world, a man with his track record for corruption would be radioactive, and would spend the rest of his days in leg irons turning big rocks into little rocks. But in DC? Someone with is ‘credentials’ will probably have his pick of several jobs… as a reward for helping take down POTUS 45.

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Wes Walker

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