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Some Transwomen Claim That They Menstruate — Others Go To Disturbing Lengths To Mimic It

Not only is this an absolute mockery of women — it’s not exactly a sign of mental stability.

A video recently went viral on social media of a “transwoman” (that’s a biological man dressed as a woman) claiming to be suffering from his first “intense period.”

He’s smirking in this video so you know that he knows what he’s doing is absolutely fake and just for attention.

Transgender and nonbinary social media “influencers” are seemingly everywhere despite the fact that a fraction of a percentage of the population identifies as either.

Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh co-opt “girlhood” for profit.

These narcissists (perhaps autogynephiles?) insist that “girlhood” and “womanhood” are better off when it accepts… *checks notes*… biological men who wear dresses and are actively attempting to erase what it means to be a woman. To them, it’s an attitude you adopt and a costume you put on… and that’s it. They divorce “girlhood” from the biological reality of being female.


In this absurd video, Mulvaney, two months into “being a girl”, discusses how he has chosen to freeze his sperm and tells of his longing to “be a mom” one day… all while putting on makeup to cover his 5 o’clock shadow.

The Monty Python team would’ve rejected making a comedy sketch like that because it was too far out there… but this guy is acting like it’s real.

More individuals who are very obviously men are insisting that “transwomen” can suffer from monthly periods.

No, really. Here is a man saying that a menstrual cycle doesn’t require a female reproductive system.

To be fair to Mulvaney, he at least acknowledges that he doesn’t need tampons because he’s a man who cannot have a period.

Still, walking around with tampons to hand them out to women and girls in public is creepy.

Here’s Mulvaney trying to explain why it’s totally normal for an adult man to be obsessed with women’s menstrual cycles. (It’s not.)

Asking some stranger for a tampon isn’t even a thing that women do. Most women are prepared and carry an emergency product. If they aren’t prepared, there are vending machines in many public bathrooms with those products available.

As a woman, I would never ever ask some stranger for a mystery sanitary pad that has been in the secret pocket of her purse since the Clinton administration let alone a tampon.

And notice, their fixation is on tampons, not menstrual pads. That is telling.

These biological men are being given sponsorship money by the companies that make feminine hygiene products for the promotion of their products… by people who cannot use them no matter how much they insist that biological reality isn’t real as Marsh does.

And if you’re not disturbed enough by grown-ass men walking around with tampons to hand out to women and girls in public bathrooms…

Apparently, some “transwomen” are going to great lengths to mimic a menstrual cycle.


Ashley St. Clair of the Babylon Bee found some things that are beyond satire…

Ashley said that she’s tired of pretending that these men cosplaying as women are normal when they’re clearly disturbed individuals.

What’s frustrating is that counseling has been labeled “conversion therapy” and we’re just supposed to “affirm” their identity or we’re the bigots.

I have always said that I cannot imagine what it is like to suffer from gender dysphoria and urge compassion and grace as individuals interacting with other individuals but the health professionals normalizing and encouraging what (to me) seems pretty clearly to be a mental health issue is deeply troubling.

We don’t “affirm” the body dysmorphia of people suffering from anorexia, so why are we doing it with transgenderism when it means life-changing medical interventions and lifelong dependency on pharmaceuticals?

Transgender individuals suffer from mental illness at a higher rate than the general population. This is often blamed on stigma and “transphobia”… but it’s actually a real chicken/egg dilemma. What came first, the mental illness or the trans identity?

Walt Heyer identified as transgender and underwent both social transition and surgery… and then detransitioned after therapy for underlying mental health conditions.

Sometimes, it’s just untreated mental illness and sometimes it’s womanface by people who have a sexual kink called autogynephilia where they become aroused seeing themselves as a woman.

But actual, biological women are just supposed to accept that men who use frozen tomato paste as suppositories to simulate menstrual bleeding or who get horny putting on a skirt and fishnets are just living out their own form of “girlhood.”

How about… no.


Rates of mental illness:

Walt Heyer’s website:

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