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‘The Twitter Files’ Exposes How The Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Suppressed By Twitter

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Is America headed for a recession?

It’s not an old story — that laptop is more relevant than ever.

How the New York Post exposé was kiboshed by Twitter might be an even bigger story than the laptop itself.

Billionaire Elon Musk tweeted earlier this week that Twitter had “interfered in elections” which garnered a lot of buzz in right-wing circles.

Elon Musk Makes It Official: Twitter HAS Interfered in Elections … Let That Sink In

Of course, there were questions about when the details of this alleged interference occurred since Musk had promised transparency about what appeared to be blatantly biased policy decisions made by Twitter’s Trust and Safety team in the past.

On Friday, Musk tweeted that Twitter was going to release details behind the unprecedented decision by Twitter to quash the New York Post’s article about Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell just weeks before the 2020 Presidential Election.

Shortly after 5pm Eastern, Musk tweeted that there would be a bit of a delay and the documents would be released closer to 6pm.

Musk quote tweeted independent journalist Matt Taibbi who released the story.

It’s quite a wild ride. Basic protocols that were put in place to protect users from scammers grew into a censorship machine weaponized by Democrats who colluded with their Big Tech allies to silence their enemies.

Democrats, save Rep. Ro Khanna of California, were not all that concerned about Free Speech.

The higher-ups at Twitter Trust & Safety stood by the sketchy decision to suppress the story even though there didn’t seem to be much reason for it, and then-CEO Jack Dorsey seems to have been kept out of the loop.

Here is the entire thread without comment except for Elon Musk’s occasional responses.

This story is so huge.

A good chunk of Biden voters said that if they had known about the laptop story, they wouldn’t have cast their ballot for Biden.

Elon had promised a Q&A to follow.

YouTuber Jeremy Hambling, who uses the handle “The Quartering” who had livestreamed the release of the thread asked Elon about the Q&A and he responded.

The response was immediate… which was the original point of Twitter.

But, as expected, the partisan “journos” aren’t having a good night.

Some were clearly just jealous.

Wajahat Ali, who was the third wheel in that Don Lemon and Rick Wilson mockery of Trump supporters is having a totally normal one.

Ben Collins, who takes the role of “disinformation expert” a little too literally is rage-tweeting about Matt Taibbi.

And the political hacks who are now LARPing as journalists are trying to find a way to discredit Musk.

Cope and seethe, hacks!

There’s much more to come.

Things are just getting interesting.

It’s a good thing that Twitter 1.0 is going the way of the dodo and being replaced by Musk’s Twitter 2.0.

Someone whose Twitter account was recently restored must be feeling a bit vindicated now that Big Tech’s thumb on the scales has been revealed.

You might say it’s been “A Successful Hunt.”

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