Trouble Should Not Preclude Productivity

Written by Doug Giles on December 5, 2022

When life smacks you in the face with a brick, how do you react?

You’ve got a choice.

Option one: Throw in the surrender flag. You can spend the rest of your life telling your ‘if only’ stories to anyone who will listen. You know the kind — you ‘coulda been a contender’ except for the Terrible-Horrible-NoGood-VeryBad-Thing-That-Happened-To-You™.

Option two: You could improvise, adapt & overcome.

Your pastor DID make sure you understood the second response was always an option, didn’t he?

If not, grab a coffee and your notebook, because even if you’re slogging through a mellofahess, you’re about to 10x how dangerous you (personally) are to the kingdom of darkness.

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