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Twitter & The Feds Were The Tip Of The Iceberg … Here Are Some MORE Politicized Tech Companies (VIDEO)

The more light we shine on what’s happening behind the curtain at Big Tech, the worse the signs of rot and corruption become. Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg.

Twitter is the one we’ve got the evidence of, but they’re hardly alone.

Dan Bongino reacted to the sixth round of Twitter Files, by taking our attention beyond Twitter itself. Sure, we saw serious evidence of the FBI weaponizing the authority of their badges against pretty much anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders.

But don’t kid yourself into thinking Twitter was a unique case. Big Tech is crawling with politicized companies.

To paraphrase an infamous line from Schiff, there is “more than circumstantial evidence” that FBI associates colluded with Big Tech to interfere with the 2020 election… and beyond.

It’s evidence of corruption like this (and going at least as far back as Crossfire Hurricane) that inspired our FBI merch at the ClashDaily store. (Feel free to browse the whole store. It’s how we keep the site free so we don’t need any of those annoying paywalls.)


In case you missed the drop of TwitterFiles6 itself, we are including the entirety of it below, since social media, by design, is an ephemeral medium.

Dinesh D’Souza summarizes the critical takeaways in a single, devastating tweet.

That’s an awfully big claim. Does Twitter Files 6 deliver on a claim that big?

Judge for yourself:

After releasing damning information showing the FBI telling a private ‘platform’ which accounts they want shut down, instead of decrying the Frist Amendment implications of the government using a proxy to silence people, while interfering in an election cycle in the process — media and leftists attacked the messenger.

Ted Lieu, who is a strong candidate for being the Forrest Gump of Congress, minus the charisma, turned his wrath on Matt Taibbi.

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