Christ Collides With Demonized Naked Dude

Written by Doug Giles on December 17, 2022

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Before the disciples had the opportunity to process the terror they had in the Hurricane they faced on the lake of Galilee and in realizing their buddy could tell it to ‘stop’ … here comes another one.

The fact that we’ve heard these stories a thousand times takes the sting out of how shocking they really are. We’ve got a demonized naked dude living in the graveyard. Chains can’t hold the guy. A conversation with a mob of demons. The legion of demons recognizes His divinity… and they are terrified by it. They grovel at his feet. They know their time is up. And they ask for a consolation prize — to get a hall pass to enter the pigs instead. The next time anyone sees him, he’s a transformed man, cleaned up and wearing clothes.

That’s just the 30,000-foot view of this page in the apostles’ diary entries. We haven’t even gotten to the juicy parts yet.

Let’s get to it.