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TwitterFiles 4: Top Execs Changed The Platform’s Policies Specifically To Permanently Ban Trump

The latest document dump from Twitter shows how top-level players held then-President Trump to a standard that was not applied to any other political leader.

Do you wonder why President Trump was banned from Twitter for allegedly violating the platform’s “incitement to violence” policy but Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei was not banned for actually calling for the total destruction of Israel?

It’s because Twitter executives decided to treat President Trump in a way that no other world leader was treated.

Independent journalist and author Michael Shellenberger posted the fourth installment of the Twitter document dump late Saturday evening.

The lengthy thread shows that discussions behind the scenes were attempting to find a way to permanently ban the personal Twitter account of the sitting President of the United States. Pressure mounted from the left to have Trump’s account suspended after the riot on January 6.

Shellenberger said late Saturday the internal communications showed that Twitter leadership had decided to pursue a change of policy “for Trump alone, distinct from other political leaders,” and that they expressed “no concern for the free speech or democracy implications of a ban.”
Following the events of Jan. 6, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was facing growing internal and external pressure to ban Trump from the platform, Shellenberger said.
Trump was demonized among Democrats, which was the political preference among most of Twitter’s staff and senior executives. “In 2018, 2020, and 2022, 96%, 98%, & 99% of Twitter staff’s political donations went to Democrats,” according to Shellenberger.
Voices pressuring Dorsey to remove Trump after the events of Jan. 6 included former First Lady Michelle Obama, tech journalist Kara Swisher, and the Jewish NGO Anti-Defamation League, among many others, Shellenberger noted.
Because Dorsey was on vacation, he “delegated much of the handling of the situation” to senior Twitter executives at the time. They were Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former head of trust and safety, and Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s former head of legal policy and trust.
Roth had publicly acknowledged his anti-Trump views on Twitter many times. He had posted in 2017 that there were “ACTUAL NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE,” in reference to President Trump.
Source: Epoch Times

Yoel Roth’s messages pop up a lot and it’s chilling that this was the guy heading up “Trust and Safety” at Twitter.

Shellenberger notes that the only pushback that the team combing through the documents could find was from a low-level employee who warned about the “slippery slope” that this ad-hoc policy presented and how it could be a serious threat to free speech and democracy itself.

Just a few weeks ago, conservatives were warning Elon Musk that Yoel Roth needed to go.  At the time, Elon had defended keeping Roth on by saying that everyone posts dumb tweets, everyone is entitled to their own political beliefs, and that he thought that Roth was a man with integrity.

Just a few days later, on November 10, Bloomberg reported, “Yoel Roth and Robin Wheeler, two executives who until today had emerged as part of Elon Musk’s new leadership team, have resigned, according to another person familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified discussing non-public information.”

Elon was wrong about Roth.

It took some time, but he figured it out.


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