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WATCH: Comedian Nicole Arbour DEFENDS Kanye West’s Hitler Comments — Is She Right Or Ridiculous?

Comedian, actress, dancer, and podcaster, Nicole Arbour said that she thinks she understands what Kanye West was trying to say in his controversial appearance on InfoWars on Thursday.

Arbour brought on a guest — her friend Barbara Majeski, a lifestyle reporter who happens to be a Jewish woman descended from Holocaust survivors.

Arbour said that “two things can be true at once”

This is a 90-second clip that tried to thread the needle on West’s statements.

A longer clip posted by Arbour on Twitter with portions of the podcast spliced together appears to have been deleted.

Here is the full podcast:

JustTheNews reported that West was once again suspended from Twitter early on Friday morning.

From the article:

Ye had been suspended from Twitter earlier this year before Musk take over, and his account was restored by Twitter’s new owner last month. There was no immediate word on how long the current suspension will be.
Shortly before he was booted, Ye posted a photo if [sic] a swastika intertwined with a Star of David and suggested it would be used as the logo for his 2024 presidential campaign.
Ye also tweeted an unflattering picture of Musk aboard a yacht with Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel. The Twitter owner said, however, that post had nothing to do with the suspension.
Source: Just The News

Musk clarified that West’s account was suspended for violating Twitter’s rules… not the photo of Musk.

Nicole points to other people as part of the context for the point she’s trying to make which seems to hinge on the ability to parse out different aspects of a persons’ life and evaluate them apart from the other things they are known for.

For example, she mentions Harvey Weinstein, who was an absolute dirtbag in his treatment of people. Point taken. Full stop. As a completely unrelated fact, he was also a very sought-after film producer who delivered results. One fact does not make the other disappear.

She could just as easilfy have used the examples of Bill Cosby or Roman Polanski to use examples the left could identify with — or asked whether Nelson Mandela’s ‘necklacing’ someone with tires soaked in gasoline invalidates the good he became known for later in life.

Nicole is walking on the edge here, and she knows it.

She’s arguing for the right to say the unsayable thing without fear of censorship. She does at least anchor her arguments in the defense of Kanye in specific events where he, personally, has experienced some of the specific slights (i.e. frozen bank accounts and voided business contracts) that he has complained about.

In that sense, she’s taking the argument most on the right have repeated to its natural conclusion: the antidote for bad speech isn’t censorship, but more speech.

The principle is that we are supposed to let good ideas compete with — and triumph over — bad ideas in the public square. It is rooted an optimistic view of the human condition that sooner or later, the truth will win out over falsehood, so long as it can be spoken, heard, and understood.

She has opened that door and now the cycle continues. She has made staements that can and will be considered, weighed, and critiqued.

If nothing else, at least the the Kanye controversy has made a sublte shift in the national converastion.

We’ve gone from ‘how much should powerful people in Government or Tech be allowed to censor unpopular opinion’ to ‘is there some kind of unfettered unpopular speech so profound that polite society can not endure it?’

That brings us back to Nicole’s deliberately nuclear ‘hot take’.

Did she make thoughtful, if provocative points?
Did she jump the shark?
Has she thoroughly discredited herself?
Was the whole thing a mixed bag?

The mosh pit of our comment section is open — if anyone dares to dip their toe into this one, we invite free speech of our own. Naturally, that also includes being mocked as a dumbass if you make silly points.

Have at ‘er.

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