BOOM: Biden’s Gravy Train Got Derailed By SCOTUS Ruling — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on December 2, 2022

How does a ridiculously unpopular President justify people voting for his party? The cynical play would involve bribing them with free stuff.

Free stuff like, say, student debt forgiveness, for example. But as you will see, the Supreme Court has something to say about that.

There are enough data points here that even Andrea Bocelli would be able to see this picture coming together: Biden’s Democrats are willing to incur an unlimited debt burden so long as it means they get their mitts on power long enough to push that ‘fundamental transformation’ of the American system Obama was championing.

Remember when the courts told the White House they had no power to enforce their eviction moratorium? They extended it anyway. Because they care more about the exercise of raw power and will not reign in inappropriate uses of power because the Constitution says so … they will only stop when compelled to do by someone with the power to stop them.

When Joe tapped the Strategic Oil initiative to artificially bring down inflation — the program ran until the midterm elections. Remember when Joe asked the Saudis to pump more oil? He wasn’t that they do so until next year, or even Jan 1. It was until — you guessed it — after the midterm elections.

When Joe Biden announced he had ‘fixed’ the Rail Strike? We didn’t find out he had failed to provide a workable solution until … say it with me … after the Midterm Elections.

Much of Biden’s policy had nothing to do with the best long-term interests of America as a whole, so much as the best short-term interests of party election priorities.

Joe is hardly the first politician to think in such nakedly partisan terms, but his willingness to use dubious powers of Executive Fiat for partisan benefit is nothing short of breathtaking in it’s audacity.

It’s amazing what politicians are willing to do when they have no resistance from the media or other branches of government.

Scratch that — there is ALMOST no resistance. Our third branch of government still has a say in what’s going on around here, and they just derailed Biden’s Gravy train.

Since the bribe has already paid off for Biden by generating massive electoral support among the generation of Zoomers (who haven’t the foggiest notion about the debt bomb looming over their heads), it’s hard to know how much he really cares that the promise he made is returned to him as ‘undeliverable’.

Either way, his ‘debt cancelation’ promise — which really means transferring the debt to the shoulders of citizens who can’t pay down what we already owe — won’t take effect anytime soon.

The top court has pumped the brakes on Biden’s promise

Here’s what happened:

The Supreme Court will fast-track a challenge to the Biden administration’s student-debt relief program and hear oral argument in February, the court said Thursday. The $400 billion program will remain on hold in the meantime due to lower-court rulings that have blocked the government from implementing it.

Amy Howe explains.

The Supreme Court will fast-track a challenge to the Biden administration’s student-debt relief program and hear oral argument in February, the court said Thursday. The $400 billion program will remain on hold in the meantime due to lower-court rulings that have blocked the government from implementing it.
Justice Amy Coney Barrett, acting alone, had turned down two earlier requests from opponents of the program to block it without even seeking a response from the Biden administration. But after a federal appeals court in Missouri put the program on hold last month, it was the administration’s turn to ask the justices to intervene. In a brief unsigned order on Thursday, the court declined to lift the appeals court’s ruling but took up an alternative suggestion from the Biden administration: setting the case for argument quickly with the prospect of definitively resolving the legality of the program.
…Because the states have standing, they continued, the justices should leave the 8th Circuit’s order in place because (among other things) the debt-relief program violates the “major questions” doctrine – the idea that if Congress wants to give an administrative agency the power to make “decisions of vast economic and political significance,” it must say so clearly. The debt-relief program has both economic significance, the states say, and political significance, because Congress has “conspicuously and repeatedly declined to enact” legislation to discharge student loans.
And contrary to the Biden administration’s invocation of the COVID-19 pandemic to justify the debt-relief program, the states added, there is no national emergency necessitating the program. Instead, the states argue, the COVID-19 pandemic merely provided a “pretext to mask the” administration’s “true goal of fulfilling his campaign promise to eliminate student-loan debt.
The Supreme Court’s decision to take up the challenge to the debt-relief program came just one day after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit refused to block an order by U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman striking down the program. And it came nine days after the Biden administration – citing “tremendous financial uncertainty for millions of borrowers” because of the challenges to the program – extended the pause on student loan repayments originally imposed by the Trump administration. Although payments had been slated to resume on Dec. 31, they will now resume 60 days after the litigation is resolved or, at the latest, Sept. 1, 2023.
–SCOTUS Blog [emphasis added]

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