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WATCH: GOP Reps EXPOSE Obnoxious Trans Activist As ‘Violence-Inciting Fraud’ In Congressional Hearing


The leftwing transsexual activist/attorney/professor didn’t see the trap until after it had snapped shut.

Mace, one of the few Republicans at the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing, spoke to Alejandra Caraballo of Harvard Law School’s Cyberlaw Clinic on the threats posed by anti-democratic extremist groups and their harm to American democracy.
She asked all the witnesses whether they consider violent rhetoric against government officials on social media to be a “threat to democracy.”
— FoxNews

How could anyone object to such an innocuous question? Of course threatening violence is bad. That’s the entire basis of the J6 witchhunt, isn’t it?

Caraballo didn’t even see it coming.

Up came posterboards containing tweets that suddenly made that statement an indictment of h**self.

The tweets put up in evidence were posted by Caraballo h**self, and called it a civic duty for people to ‘accost’ sitting members of SCOTUS and that they ‘never have a peaceful moment in public again’.

This person, recall, is sitting on a panel of witnesses weighing in on the threats posed by anti-democratic extremists.

The assumption, clearly, is that only people somewhere to the right of Joe Manchin are even capable of being such a threat. Those of us who witnessed that ‘Summer of Love’ in 2020 know better.

The trap that was set by Rep. Nancy Mace was simple. Get the panelist to agree that calling for violence against government officials constitutes a Threat to Democracy™ and then show evidence where that same alleged expert, invited in by Democrats, made precisely those same kinds of calls to violence… specifically targeting government officials perceived as right-of-center.

That takedown by Rep. Mace was so good, here’s another camera angle:

But wait! There’s more! Make sure you watch the last few moments of the first clip where Byron Donalds (R-FL) calls out Caraballo’s false testimony to the Committee about the parents of the Loudoun County School district and the sexual assaults by the “boy in a skirt” that Caraballo stated didn’t happen.

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