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WH Press Secretary Dodges Question About FTX Donations To Dems With Reminder She’s ‘Covered’ By The Hatch Act


Biden’s spokesmuppet has fallen in love with the Hatch Act excuse, she’s using it as a dodge left and right.

Questions about Democrats and friendly government insiders pressuring Big Tech and the media to protect Biden’s election chances by deep-sixing the Hunter Biden laptop story?

Sorry. Hatch Act. Can’t talk about that.

She invoked the Hatch Act in saying she couldn’t talk about the politically embarrassing situation of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D – NH) skipping out on an event in protest of Joe Biden endorsing a reshuffling of Democrat Primaries to favor himself.

Conveniently, KJP also invoked the Hatch Act when a reporter asked whether Joe Biden would return any of the significant donations he received from the billions that seem to have been embezzled by Bankman-Fried, whether other Democrats would, or whether he would call on all politicians who had benefitted from stolen money to return it … regardless of what party they belong to.

Watch how she breaks eye contact and looks down when she claims to be covered by the Hatch Act. Ask any serious poker player why that particular movement might be significant.

This is an important question, considering SBF was the single biggest Democrat donor not named George Soros.

Because it involves a news event (charges against Sam Bankman-Fried), Biden himself (who benefitted politically from his stolen money) and involves both parties (even though he gave far more to Democrats) this is not a partisan question, it is genuine news.

It would have been a simple and nonpartisan step for the President to lead by example.

If he really were the principled ‘Soul of the Nation’ and ‘No Malarkey’ leader he pretended to be on TV, he could have used this issue to prove it.

He could have made a statement — personally, or by way of his binder-reader — that the only responsible thing for any elected official to do is to return any stolen money to its rightful owner. He would be doing so himself, and it is his hope that all other elected officials would do the same.

But Democrats don’t WANT to return that stolen money.

They could never afford to return such significant sums of stolen cash to their rightful owners. Better to rage against the injustice than to actually pony up and return the money they frankly used to outspend Republicans in buying Midterm elections.

For an admin that cares so much about the Hatch Act, even bragging that they care about it ‘more than the previous administration’… they sure do cross that line a lot.

KJP doesn’t REALLY care about the Hatch Act

As one example:

“The president takes what he has done in this time during his presidency, his tenure — just about 20-months tenure — very seriously and wants to talk about what he has done, what congressional Democrats have done to deliver for the American people,” Jean-Pierre said. But she wasn’t done.
“Yes, there is a lot at stake when you think about the national ban on abortion that Republicans — extreme Republicans want to do, taking away the rights of women, taking away a decision that is very difficult for women to make; when you think about what Republicans want to do with repealing the Inflation Reduction Act, which is going to lower costs or take away costs of what we were talking about, with lowering costs on healthcare, with lowering costs from … Medicare, being able to negotiate when it comes to fighting special interests,” she continued. “They want to take that away.” — WashingtonExaminer

A second example…

On Wednesday, Jean-Pierre opened her briefing by disparaging Donald Trump voters and candidates who align themselves with the former president and urged Americans not to vote for Republicans.
‘Unfortunately, we have seen mega MAGA Republican officials who don’t believe in the rule of law,’ she told reporters. ‘They refuse to accept the results of free and fair elections, and they fan the flames of political violence through what they praise and what they refuse to condemn.’
The comments came with less than a week until the 2022 midterms.

Mega-Maga was one of the lines trotted out in Biden’s creepy (and dishonest) Red Sermon in front of Independence Hall.

Intelligent voters will recognize that by not answering the question, she DID answer the question.

Democrats took the money. They are GLAD they took the money (since it kept Republicans from outspending them in key Midterm races).

If ordinary Americans had their savings cleaned out for them to keep their grubby hands on the levers of political power, that’s a price they are willing to pay.

It’s just not a price they are willing to pay BACK.

As we all know, if there is one thing Democrats love more than anything, it’s spending other peoples’ money to get things they want.

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