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WATCH: Lib TikToker Says The Quiet Part Out Loud — ‘Queerness’ Is A Political identity

If you thought that the “Q” for “queer” in LGBTQ+ was an umbrella term for all sorts of people who don’t consider themselves heterosexual — you’re apparently wrong.

“Queer” isn’t just a personal identity, it’s a political identity according to an unidentified TikTok user in a video.

“I will no longer call a person queer if I don’t see them participating in Queer Politik,” she says.

“You’re gay — sure, you’re gay, but that is not the same as ‘queer.’ If you haven’t put a mask on in a week… not queer. You’re just not queer. You’re not,” she explains.

“Queerness is supposed to be radical,” she adds, “It’s supposed to be about supporting each other, helping each other, and making sure, like, we lift up from the most vulnerable of our community.

“A lot of you gays are not acting like queers right now, so I’m not going to call you queer,” concludes the androgynous-looking woman.

The word “queer” used to be used as a sort of slur until it was “reclaimed” by some under the LGBT+ umbrella.

Weird that obeying ridiculous public health diktats makes you “radical” now.


Greg, who shared the video asks an important question there — if “queer” is a political identity and not a sexuality, then why is it considered a protected class?

If political identity is now protected, then shouldn’t the same protections extend to the America First or the Ultra/Mega/Super/Extreme MAGA crowd?

But we know that that isn’t — and will never be — the case because “protected classes” are supposed to be based on inherent traits like race, gender, and sexual orientation that cannot be changed. Political affiliation can and does change.

So, why is “Queer” identity, an expressly political affiliation protected?

In an article titled “Queer As A Political Identity” on the blog Her Campus, Sierra Moore wrote that although she had embraced her own “queerness”, she didn’t realize what it actually meant until she “was educated” and “did the work” by… attending the indoctrination camp that is the modern college classroom.

On the first day of my Queer theory class, I was asked what my definition of Queer was, as was most of the class, and as we shared, there was one piece no one could properly articulate. That piece was about how Queer is not just a sexuality but a political ideology focused on the liberation of all oppressed groups.
While most people in the LGBTQIAA+ community may immediately assume the community would agree on most things, especially politically, that is simply not the case; to be gay, bi, a lesbian does not dictate your political affiliations being Queer however does.
Source: Her Campus (February 26, 2022)

James Lindsay, one of the academics that duped the academic journals with ridiculous hoax papers like “Dog Park Rape Culture” and Mein Kampf as a feminist manifesto, has been digging into the roots of the Social Justice movements — Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory.

He calls Queer Theory cult-like and explains how it has the same characteristics of Gnosticism — matter is evil and salvation can only come through the acquiring of special spiritual knowledge (gnosis).

A thread by Twitter user “Wokal Distance” explains why the term is so important for the activist left and includes a great reminder at the end.

Not everyone is steeped in Queer Theory (Thank God!) but that doesn’t mean that the language hasn’t been adopted. That’s precisely why the androgynous woman had to make the video… she had to explain what “queer” really meant to people who are using it incorrectly.

No wonder the left hates Libs of Tik Tok so much… all she does is hold up a mirror and show what Libs are posting to each other. They just don’t want the rest of us to see it.

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