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WATCH: Vice Debate On ‘Feminism’ Goes Off The Rails

Ladies… this sort of thing is why women were called “hysterical” in the past.

To be clear, I’m not defending the “old ways” of calling women hysterical and slapping them for being overly emotional, but let’s just say that some women have a difficult time staying on topic without their emotions getting embroiled in the discussion.

Vice News posts video debates with a panel of guests that represent a variety of views on a given topic. The latest one was on the state of feminism titled, “Anti & Pro Feminists Debate Abortion, Trans Rights, and #Metoo.”

That is quite the can of worms they’re opening up.


At about the 11-minute mark, YouTuber Pearl Davis drops a statement that leaves the leftist intersectional feminist speechless — she says that women can do whatever they want.

As a conservative woman, it’s often rather infuriating to try to talk to other women about so-called “women’s issues.”

If you’re a right-wing woman and say out loud in front of a modern feminist that you oppose abortion, think that the gender pay gap is because of different choices women make, don’t think that women need special treatment in hiring that comes in the form of quotas, or that men who cosplay as women should be treated as though they are women, well, it’s gonna be a rough day. You’ll be exposed to any of the following: screaming, shouting, weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, or just dismissal that your view doesn’t matter because you have “internalized misogyny” or some other B.S.

Pearl made another really salient point when the group discussed abortion. She said that women are using abortion as birth control and want to just be able to have sex with no consequences.

The “sex positivity” movement tells women that they should flaunt their sexuality and behave as though they have male sex drives — have frequent sex with many partners — but women aren’t wired that way. More and more women are fiding themselves in midlife sad, alone, and filled with regret because the “girlboss” lifestyle isn’t as fulfilling as it had been promised.

The premise of the debate was supposed to be about the state of feminism in America today, but some of the women couldn’t seem to stay on topic and were constantly bringing up race, disability, or other issues into the discussion.

Sydney Watson posted a few clips of how frustrating it is to attempt to have a discussion with rabid intersectional feminists.

Some of these women always brought up something else other than being female that was the issue, and several of these women insisted that all of the separate identities are intertwined with being a women.

But then, when Pearl brought up her experience as an athlete, she was dismissed because it didn’t fit the leftist, intersectional feminist narrative.

It was actually kind of surprising just how much time the more conservative voices were given considering the constant interruptions and, at one point, the cackling laughter by an obviously racist woman who dismissed Watson for being white.

Watch the full thing here:

You could tell that this discussion was going to go downhill fast when a couple of those women on the panel were “transwomen.”

One of those men wearing women’s clothing has bragged about how he trafficks hormones to minors internationally, but he is complaining that “fascists” were given a platform. Presumably, Eli means Watson and Davis.

The real problem isn’t that Watson and Davis — the two most sensible people on the panel — were given a platform, it’s that a dude that has admitted to trafficking hormones to minors across state and international borders was there to talk about feminism at all.

Eli Erlick shouldn’t be appearing on a Vice News debate panel, he should be investigated for his drug trafficking.

There are better role models for women out there than an effeminate drug dealer cosplaying as a woman.

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