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ANTI-DAVOS: Jordan Peterson Is Building A Counter-Weight To WEF (VIDEO)


Anyone following Dr. Jordan’s podcasts lately will have noticed he has been hosting conversations that fly in the face of Klaus Schwab’s Malthusian vision of humanity’s future.

Instead of proclaiming there are too many people on the planet, he looks for ideas that will better meet the needs of the people we do have.

Instead of insisting that impoverished nations need to remain at subsistence level poverty, in the service of fighting climate change, he is inviting conversations of how we can achieve energy that is cheap, clean, and plentiful to help lift more people and nations out of poverty.

And so on with education, nutrition and all the rest.

This is 180 degrees opposite of the anti-human Davos WEF Great Reset understanding of our place in the world and how to move forward.

For years, people have clutched their pearls about the powerful Davos elite pushing an agenda down the throats of nations around the world — whether the citizens of those countries actually wanted it or not.

People WANTED to resist, but attempts to do so were scattershot at best, and facing a difficult challenge when up against a powerful group with near-infinite wealth and control of the media narrative.

But as we have seen from people like Elon Musk blowing these people off, we have seen that not everyone with that kind of money is marching lockstep with that agenda.

And now… a genuine alternative is emerging.

Jordan Peterson is assembling a team of experts who doesn’t subscribe to the authoritarian planet-on-fire humanity-is-a-virus worldview of the Davos elite… and they are deliberately setting themself up as experts in their field in opposition to the WEF control freaks.

Rather than set up a list of commands from on high, he is bringing people together to answer six key questions that will need answering if we are going to navigate to the solutions the issues of our day require fixing.

Those questions are NOT what most people would think they are.

He walks you through those questions — and the reasons those six questions are significant — in the following clip from his interview with Joe Rogan.

This is going to make heads explode, in all the best ways.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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