WATCH: German Health Minister Dismisses ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Of Climate Lockdowns… After Advocating For Them

Written by K. Walker on January 30, 2023

The hubris of the people in power is only dwarfed by their attempts to gaslight the public.

A 90-second clip of German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach being interviewed on the public broadcast television station, phoenix, is racking up tens of thousands of views on social media.


The interviewer asked MP Lauterbach about some of his previous statements regarding the possibility of lockdowns modeled after the COVID-19 lockdowns to address climate change.

At first, MP Lauterbach talks about how lockdowns were “necessary” for protecting public health and then says that the same could also be true when it comes to the climate.

This was often dismissed in the media and by “experts” as just a conspiracy theory.

When confronted about his admission, MP Lauterbach turns to the same talking point — it’s just a conspiracy theory — but the interviewer presses him and asks how that could be when he just admitted that it was true.

Here’s the clip:

MP Lauderbach, before becoming Health Minister, had advocated for climate lockdowns akin to the COVID lockdowns in a December 2020 article in Die Welt.

Social Democratic MP, Karl Lauterbach, “We need measures to deal with climate change that are similar to the restrictions on personal freedom [imposed] to combat the pandemic,” the professor of health economics and epidemiology at the University of Cologne wrote in a guest piece for Die Welt newspaper.
Lauterbach added, “there will never be a vaccine against CO2.”
Lauterbach in Die Welt on December 27, 2020: To cope with climate change, steps are necessary that are “analogous” to restrictions on personal freedom due to the pandemic.
[slightly different translation]: “For me the impression remains that we in Germany and also in Europe, let alone in the United States, would not have been able to defeat this pandemic without the development of a vaccine. However , there will never be a vaccination against CO2. We, therefore, need measures to deal with climate change that are analogous to the restrictions on personal freedom in combating pandemics. I increasingly dare to doubt whether this can be achieved.”
Source: Climate Depot

This comes as Germany and large swaths of Europe are facing the likelihood of power outages and rationing as their “green” energy policy hits reality.

Relying on Russia for natural gas seems like it was a bad idea.

If only someone had warned them… oh, wait. Someone did. They just didn’t listen because they didn’t like the messenger.

German officials laughed when Trump issued the same warning at the United Nations and Now This made a mocking video with cutesy clown music to show how ridiculous Trump’s claim was.

Huh. It looks like Bad Orange Man was right.

It also looks like the Germans are about to get what they voted for… good and hard.


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