Ben Shapiro Drops An Identity TruthBomb That Leaves Leftists Reeling

Written by Wes Walker on January 2, 2023


In the world, as the political left describes it, reality can be bent to your whims — and that’s where meaning in life comes from.

And that, says Ben, is a big part of why so many of them are miserable.

The idea the left has been pushing for some time now is that the meaning we find in life stems from our subjective definitions of ‘identity’.

In an interview, Ben Shapiro gives a far more robust explanation for where people derive meaning in life. Then he rips the leftist one to shreds with a very simple reality test.

One of the big problems with identity politics is the fact that they are entirely inward-looking. We have a word for people who are entirely inward-looking. We call them narcissists.

Narcissists tend not to be happy and well-adjusted people.

Those who are anchored in a well-defined life with well-ordered loves and reasonable ambitions tend to be far more happy and well-adjusted.

In some circles that might be considered a ‘clue’ to who’s on the right track and who is not.

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