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BREAKING: Paul Pelosi Bodycam Footage Will Leave You Saying — What The Heck..?


It’s been about 90 days since Paul Pelosi was nearly killed by a blow to his head from a hammer. Why are we just seeing the police bodycam footage now?

When a story involves an elderly man being nearly killed by blunt force trauma while answering the door in his own home, one is naturally inclined to be sympathetic.

In the legitimate sense of the word, rather than the more popular politicized version, Paul was a VICTIM OF VIOLENCE. Some benefit of the doubt is generally given in such circumstances … until problems in their story start to add up.

What we learned about the personal history and political leanings of the attacker (David DePape) didn’t square neatly with the murderous MAGA narrative being spun up just before the midterm elections, for example.

Then there were questions about the account itself that seemed contradictory.

Entire articles reporting on the events suddenly disappeared into the ether. In the absence of news, all manner of theories started floating around. Rather than contradict them with clear evidence, they were denounced and suppressed. Surely the police body cam would help set the record straight.

But it took three months and a court battle to get them released, despite a judge ruling that there had been no reason NOT to release them.

Now that the video has been made public, we have more questions than when we first began.

Remember — the official story is that an intruder broke in, while Paul Pelosi had been in his pjs.

At some point after the break-in, police were tipped off and asked to show up. Paul and his attacker both stood at the front door when the police came by for a wellness check.

The indictment itself lists what the attacker was carrying, and makes reference to searches about a hit list of political targets.

Police immediately tackled DePape and called an ambulance to treat Pelosi, who was bleeding from a head wound. According to the new filings, officers recovered a cellphone, cash, transit passes and “an unidentified card” from DePape’s right pocket, as well as tape, rope, gloves and a journal from his bag, among other items.
…Investigators also said that DePape researched homes of Pelosi and two other targets on an alleged hit list two days before breaking into the House Speaker’s $8 million hilltop Pacific Heights mansion.
— FoxNews

There is evidence confirming the part of the story about the forced entry — we’ve got footage of DePape breaking the glass with a hammer. Here’s a screenshot:

… and here’s the video itself:

But that evidence is difficult to reconcile with OTHER video evidence as seen from the perspective of the responding officer. Here’s the police body cam clip everyone has turned their attention to.

The whole scene — from the police walking up to his door until they wrestle the attacker to the ground takes less than 90 seconds. But even that short video is enough to generate questions about the entire story we have been expected to believe.

The door opens at about 38 seconds in.

Nothing much happens, and then — all hell breaks loose.

What we see in these few seconds raises some questions about what was REALLY going on here.

The encounter begins when police ask exactly the question you would expect from a wellness check. ‘How ya doing?’. So far, so good.

Now look at the men who answered the door. Notice the expressions on the faces of both Pelosi and DePape. Would you consider them to be smiling or distressed?

Weirdly, Pelosi’s one free hand is holding onto the hammer DePape was about to use to attack him. He doesn’t seem to be trying to wrench it from his hand.

Police shine a light on the weapon and tell him to drop it. David refuses. And swings it at Pelosi’s head.

If Pelosi had been ‘in bed’, and was facing an intruder, how do we reconcile that detail with him casually carrying some kind of a drink in his hand, instead of self-preservation instincts kicking in so that he drops what’s in his hand so it is free to deal with whatever threat the intruder might pose?

If Pelsi genuinely believed he was in danger, why not move toward the police so they offer protection?

This brings us back to one of the questions we had from the very beginning.

What was the ACTUAL timeline here, and what are we NOT being told?

If you look carefully, there is a timestamp on the footage in which DePape was seen breaking in. If it was accurate, it shows him breaking in at 5:10 in the morning on the 28th. See screenshot:

When the police came by for that wellness check, there was another time stamp.

If we are to accept this timestamp as accurate, that would mean the hammer attack happened at 9:30. It does not indicate am or pm, but it was dark out.

During the writing of this article, the 911 call was finally released. This adds some information. It seems as though he was trying to give clues to dispatch that he and his wife were in some kind of danger.

But there is still a lot about this story that doesn’t make any sense.

Perhaps it never will.

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