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Coretta Scott King’s Cousin Blasts $10M Statue In Boston Common As ‘Masturbatory Homage’

The new statue in Boston Common was unveiled on January 13, 2023 — just in time for Martin Luther King Day.

Coretta Scott King’s cousin, Seneca Scott, wasn’t impressed with the new $10 million solid bronze statue calling it an insult to the black community and saying that it should be melted down.


The enormous piece titled “The Embrace” is an artistic interpretation of the iconic photo of the embrace between Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta after he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

The statue is of the embrace — just two sets of arms holding each other.

The decision to exclude heads and focus on the embrace itself was deliberate according to the artist.

“By highlighting the act of embrace, this sculpture shifts the emphasis from a singular hero worship to collective action, imploring those curious enough to investigate closer,” says conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas who created the piece for Embrace Boston.

“When we recognize that all storytelling is an abstraction, all representation is an abstraction, hopefully it allows us to be open to more dynamic and complex forms of representation that don’t stick us to narrative that oversimplifies a person or their legacy, and I think this work really tries to get to the heart of that,” wrote Thomas on his website.

It seems that the deconstructionist collectivists are at it again.

According to Thomas’s website, the piece was created in collaboration with Mass Design Group, Embrace Boston, and The Boston Foundation.

The funds used to create the 20-foot tall, 32-foot diameter statue were raised through a public-private fundraising campaign, but it’s unclear how much taxpayer money was used.

The piece was approved by Martin Luther King III and several members of the King family were present when it was unveiled last week near where MLK and Coretta first met in college.

But a whole lot of people have noticed that there’s something… off about the new statue when it’s viewed from different angles.

Reactions online are pretty universal… it’s an insulting tribute to a great man, the Civil Rights movement, and black Americans in general.

Coretta Scott King’s cousin, Seneca, had a lot to say to the New York Post about the new statue, and he didn’t hold back.

“The mainstream media … was reporting on it like it was all beautiful, ’cause they were told they had to say that,” Seneca Scott, Coretta’s cousin, told The Post by phone Sunday, referring to the new artwork on the Boston Common.
“But then when it came out, a little boy pointed out — ‘That’s a penis!’ and everyone was like, ‘Yo, that’s a big old dong, man,’” said the 43-year-old Oakland, Calif., resident.
“If you had showed that statute to anyone in the ’hood, they’d have been like, ‘No, absolutely not.’”
Source: New York Post

That’s not all Seneca Scott had to say. Scott wrote a piece in Compact Magazine called, “A Masturbatory ‘Homage’ to My Family” where he went even further with his criticism… but managed to find a possible bright side.

Ten million dollars were wasted to create a masturbatory metal homage to my legendary family members—one of the all-time greatest American families. Still, the Boston debacle could be a blessing in disguise, by exposing the insidiousness of astroturfed woke movements that have come to dominate black America: How could anyone fail to see that this was a major dick move (pun intended) that brings very few, if any, tangible benefits to struggling black families?
…Building expensive, stupid new statues with no faces on them—and tearing down others for no good reason—are part of the same performative altruism and purity pageants that are mainstays of the woke left.
Source: Compact Mag

“The woke algorithm is racist and classist,” says Scott, “Therefore, its programming will always produce things that harm black and poor people. This sculpture is an especially egregious example of the woke machine’s callousness and vanity.”

Scott’s short essay implies that the $10 million statue is more of a woke vanity project than a tribute to his family who practically defined the Civil Rights movement.

“Black families in America who need help don’t care for more woke slogans. They need jobs that pay the bills and keep up with food and energy costs that are rising faster than ever before for most of us,” writes Scott.

“Hopefully, it will show more black people that these progressives just aren’t in this for our benefit,” he concludes.

Let’s hope so.

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