Creepy New CCP Tech Offers One More Reminder That America Is Awesome!

Written by Wes Walker on January 17, 2023


We hear a lot about our near-peer rival across the Pacific, especially when it comes to the money they sink into their military. But the one Chinese innovation that tells you everything you need to know about the difference between their military and ours isn’t a weapon or vehicle. It’s a helmet.

So how can a Chinese-made helmet be used as any kind of proof that AMERICA is awesome?

For one thing, it’s different from traditional Western helmets.

With the rise of modern warfare and shelling, the West realized the need to protect their soldier’s heads from hazards like shrapnel or glancing blows from bullets and debris. The whole idea was to keep their soldiers alive and in the fight.

The CCP’s addition to this simple technology, on the other hand, involves an explosive charge. Why is this important?

For one thing, it says something about how the nation values the lives of their soldiers. For another — they can be detonated remotely.

With that as a jumping-off point, Bill Whittle hosts a conversation with Scott Ott and Steve Green about the special sauce that gives America’s fighting force a massive advantage over the kind of obey-or-else service seen in the CCP or Soviet Russia, or even the fanatical to death service seen by Tojo’s Imperial Japanese military.

We thank our friends over at BillWhittle (dot com) for permission to use the video and encourage you to check out the website and the YouTube for their good old-fashioned, intelligent, red-meat, pro-American content.

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