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Election Watchdog Proves Alarming Fact About One State’s 2020 Voters


Like it or not, the consequences of the 2020 election may be set in stone. But that doesn’t mean we’ve given up on getting important questions answered.

This process may be slow and painstaking, but like so many post-mortems, it is giving us a window into what happened.

This isn’t about crying over the past so much as taking what we can learn from the past and using it to better prepare for the future.

Wisconsin was one of the battleground states where the results were intensely contested, in part because there were significant changes to how the election was conducted. Zuckerbucks had a role to play in that. HEY CNN: Those Election 2020 Zuckerbucks Have Been Ruled An ‘Election Bribe’ … Is That News?

One election watchdog, ‘Election Watch’ turned its attention to the actual votes themselves, looking to see whether they originated from real people living at qualifying addresses. They found some problems… in fact, they found more than 150,000 of them.

Here’s what they found:

EW computer analyst Peter Bernegger said the group’s study of Wisconsin’s voter rolls found 45,000 such occurrences involving people who were living out of state in the Nov. 3 ballot, with another 107,000 documented instances on the part of voters who moved to another address within the state and cast a ballot in a different jurisdiction from the one in which they actually reside.
“That’s over 150,000 votes cast in the 2020 presidential election that cannot be tied to a valid address,” said Bernegger. “That’s illegal in the state of Wisconsin.
“Though there may be a reasonable explanation for most of these, the number of instances is so large that if only two out of 10 were nefariously cast votes, that was enough to tip the election to Biden.”
— EpochTimes

As a case in point, they cite someone who moved to Tennessee, states he did not particiate in the Wisconsin election, and yet, he appears among the list of 2020 voters.

Somebody used his ballot to support a 2020 candidate, and while we cannot say for certain who is behind it, we might do well to reflect on the circumstantial evidence of which party pushes for tighter checks-and-balances on ballots — including voter id — and which party fights hard against them.

A lot more than just the presidency was riding on these ballots. Control of the Senate went with the presidential outcome, too. That includes presidential appointments (even that of a sitting member of SCOTUS), our disastrous energy policy and a whole host of foreign policy consequences.

It was bad enough to learn that the suppression of Hunter’s laptop (by our own Intelligence Community!) was shown to have flipped the outcome of an election, but even aside from that, we see very suspicious findings that could easily have been avoided by purging the voter rolls as the law requires.

For some reason, there is a political party that fights like hell to avoid purging the voter rolls. If only we could have some sort of clue as to what might be the driving force behind such behavior.

If only.

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Wes Walker

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