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WATCH: Is THIS The Moment Where J6 Became A Riot… Do You Want Answers?

Have you ever seen the footage where someone in the crowd reacts to crowd dispersal tools by shouting ‘just remember, you guys started it’! Most people haven’t. But it sure would be nice to have some answers about it.

For all the bluster of the J6 Committee’s assertions of guilt, there are many loose threads from that critical day that still don’t make sense.

One of the biggest unanswered questions is this: how did violence erupt at this particular event, of all possible events, despite years of political protest on the right and left creating an obvious trend that Republican causes are usually typified by peaceful protest, while left-wing causes often attract a violent fringe more than happy to leverage moments of outrage and amplify them into instances of property destruction and violence?

This was such a big trend in the summer of 2020 that the current occupants of the White House made public appeals to the bail funds of black block protesters who had burned neighborhoods — including federal buildings — to the ground.

Something about the J6 Riot — which even included people’s grandmothers — broke with with that trend.

After you watch this video, which seems to have captured the inciting incident where the protest flipped from peaceful to violent, you may join many others of our readers in sporting the kind of gear we have featured at our ClashDaily store.


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The footage below claims to have captured the moment when peaceful protesters, who seem to have been acting well within the social boundaries of how protesters are supposed to act, were suddenly hammered with some combination of flashbangs, gas, smoke, and rubber bullets.

You’ll find it lines up with the eyewitness testimony of a reporter ClashDaily cited the other day: Eyewitness Of Ashli Babbitt Shooting Posts Twitter Thread On What He Saw On Jan. 6, 2021

Immediately after the first canister explodes in the crowd, you hear someone shout, ‘just remember, you guys started it.’ Just before that you hear a spoken voice react to that ‘here we go’.

The crowd involved seems to have understood that a transition point, where what happened before that moment was meaningfully different from what happened.

If you take an emotionally-charged crowd, set off explosions of light and sound in their midst, disorient them with smoke, even a disciplined and orderly group can panic and blindly rush away from whatever startled them.

If the explosion went off just behind you, you will press forward to get away from it. If you do this in the midst of a crowd, that crowd will surge forward, whether they planned to or not.

We already know from the Whitmer Kidnapping case that the FBI was not above entrapping people into committing crimes that were, to some degree, came from the minds of their handlers. We also know they had previously done this — and worse — for explicitly political purposes. Crossfire Hurricane and the plot to destroy General Flynn are just two ready examples.

That story is first in a series of tweets where you will see other head-scratching details of data that, for some, have never been satisfactorily answered.

But our main interest is in this specific clip:

Do we know the details of what happened here? Where does this event fit in the overall timeline? WAS this, as it seems, the first snowball that triggered the avalanche, or is there missing context here?

Who fired the initial shot into the crowd — and why? Has that person been quesitioned? Is that person getting the same kind of cover that people like Ray Epps have been getting?

We’ve seen events of that day be weaponized against Republicans… and especially Trump. Oversight committees are supposed to be about getting answers. It’s about time we finally fill in the missing pieces about the inciting incident, about failures to prepare, and the REAL reason Steven Sund (former Capitol Police Chief) claimed certain protocols of that particular day didn’t line up with Standard Operating Procedures.

There are an awful lot of coincidences for feds to ask that we take this on faith… especially when they have so frequently betrayed our trust in lesser matters.

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