EXTREME VETTING: It Means Something VERY Different To Trump And Biden

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2023


After taking to social media to mock Trump’s handling of classified documents, Biden now finds himself in the hot seat.

First, there were classified documents showing up at Joe Biden’s supposed think tank, and the media dutifully ran interference to protect him from serious criticism.

Then we heard about a second ‘batch’ of papers discovered in his garage. Then, when media flunkies were still getting their talking points sorted on how to defend those two stories without exonerating Trump, there was yet another revelation of classified information discovered inside Biden’s house.

Previous ClashDaily reporting has done a good job of explaining why this is all a very bad look for Joe Biden (while taking some well-deserved gratuitius shots at him) here: LMAO: This Meme Of Biden In His Corvette Will Make You HOWL Like A Spider Monkey!

Of the three document discoveries — each of which is grim news for Biden for its own reasons — the one that has captured the public’s imagination is this one:

Biden seems very, very fond of his Corvette. He makes sure to reference it multiple times in his answer as if that someohow justifies the papers being there.

If it’s good enough for his precious ‘Vette, it’s good enough for papers with SCI classification markings … right?

Long-time readers will remember that same ‘Vette playing a significant role in CNN’s deliberate propaganda attempts to shape public perception of Joe Biden. Propaganda wasn’t OUR word, it was the word offered by the CNN employee in the Project Veritas hidden camera expose:

WATCH: Project Veritas Busts CNN Admitting To Running Propaganda … Their Words, Not Ours

Biden may love talking about his classic car. But that word means something very different to his predecessor. They even spell the word differently.

Donald Trump is keenly interested in a different kind of ‘Vette’. Here’s what we mean.

That line that there’s a Trump tweet for every occasion might be a little overhyped. But it stood up in this situation.

Meanwhile, in Biden world:

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