RUSSIAGATE: Latest Twitter Files Drop Features Shifty Schiff And The Frumpy Bunch

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2023


The more we peek behind the curtain to see what elected Democrats were up to in private conversations, the stronger the case for Trump’s claim it was just a witchhunt becomes.

Long before Trump took that oath of office, the fix was already in. The Intelligence Community and DOJ had long since moved ahead with their FOIAs and were making a play to take Trump out. A decision had been made that Russia was the noose they would hang him with. Looking back, there was never a time when Democrats were NOT looking for a way to leverage accusations against Trump (the politician) to destroy him.

From Hillary’s Steele dossier to the Mueller Investigation, multiple attempts at impeachment, the J6 hearings, and now Mar-A-Lago, DJT has weathered a dizzying array of attacks against him. Thus far, he has weathered them all.

Right in the thick of most of these scandals, whipping them up to maximum effect was a certain Adam Schiff. His co-stars in this drama are Da Nang Dick and DiFi, otherwise known as Dick Blumenthal and Dianne Feinstein, respectively.

This episode of the Twitter Files shows how rabidly determined those three elected Democrats were to find some excuse — any excuse — to tie pro-conservative social medial activity with the Dems’ freshly-minted Russian boogeyman.

When Twitter itself explained the data doesn’t even come close to backing their wild claims [this was back in 2018, before team Blue’s takeover of social media was complete] the Dems didn’t let that stop them.

They made their Russian Collusion claims public without a shred of evidence, and went hunting high and low for somebody, somewhere, who could support their claim of Russian collusion.

What will you see in this thread?

References to Devon Nunes, who was working overtime to correct every lie that Schiff spread, eventually exposing the Crossfire Hurricane plot to the President and drafting the (later vindicated) Nunes Memo to correct many lies that had been spread by elected Democrats about the president and Russia.

Efforts to have Twitter officially confirm Russian collusion where it did not exist fell flat… and Democrats were (at this point in history) still viewed with contempt for doing so.

You will see media echochamber dutifully picking up the Schiff-approved talking points critical of the Nunes memo.

You will see phrases like ‘cart before the horse’ and ‘congressional trolls’. You will see a reference to the ‘give a mouse a cookie’ book, referencing that all they wanted was more and more confirmaiton that evil Russia was working alongside Trump.

You will see the word ‘hubris’ directed at Democrats who are still sitting in office, despite having disgraced their positions.

You will see a company that has been the sole source these Democrats use to justify their entire Russian Collusion narrative.

Even Twitter execs were telling them this Russiagate narrative was a flimsy peg to hang an entire policy on… especially when they have to discount mountains of contrary evidence to believe it.

But we all sawy how that played out in the end.

We might be witnessing the origin story for an entire new legal niche of lawyers representing people suing the government officials and politicians for deliberately violating their Constitutional rights.

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