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Famous YouTuber Spends MILLIONS To Cure Blindness — The Left Is Outraged

It must be exhausting to keep the outrage meter turned up to 11 every single day.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his online persona “MrBeast”, has garnered over 130 million subscribers on YouTube for his videos with elaborate, expensive stunts that are frequently centered around philanthropy.

His latest video published on Sunday definitely fit in the philanthropy category — he paid for the surgeries of 1000 people to give them back their sight.

Here’s the video:

It was wildly successful. It racked up over 50 million views in one day.

While some had a little fun with the “giving sight to the blind” theme of the video…

…others were upset that MrBeast was “curating content by exploiting the poor”. Yep, the leftists, the commies, and even the champagne socialists were all crapping on MrBeast’s video.

Popular leftist Twitch streamer, Hasan Piker, reacted to the video and explained why he was upset by it.

This is the nephew of The Young Turks co-founder Cenk Uygur. Like his uncle, Piker built his entire brand on pushing his far-left socialist political stance.

Piker was also (rightfully) bashed online for his reaction.

Oh, we know how Piker has used his fortune…

Meanwhile, MrBeast pushed back at some of the criticism he was getting online.

In one tweet that should’ve been a boon to the so-called Democratic-Socialists who constantly warble on and on about the need for single-payer healthcare, MrBeast even questioned why this simple, life-changing procedure wasn’t something that governments were funding directly.

He just couldn’t understand the outrage.

Welcome to the club. My working theory is that wokescolds abhor being happy and want everyone else miserable, too.

Its not like you’d want someone who is successful and wants to help other people to continue to be successful so that they can continue to help more people, or anything… isn’t that right, socialists? We should all just wallow in misery together and complain that “the system” is the problem.

A number of social media users are coming to MrBeast’s defense because bashing him for paying for surgery to make blind people see is just stupid.

I say we should all cheer on MrBeast’s philanthropy. After all, that’s what Jesus would do.

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