Good Guy With Gun Foils Attempt To Abduct Young Woman In Memphis (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 3, 2023


The Beto O’Rourkes of the world say they want to remove guns from our society for the greater good. They can’t say how their plan could make people in situations like this one any safer.

It was 8pm at an upscale shopping plaza in Memphis. The last thing on the young woman’s mind just before New Year’s Eve would be thoughts that men would be lurking in a car to abduct her.

But readers will anticipate that’s exactly the twist this story took. Someone was parked right next to hers in the parking lot. As the young woman was casually coming around to the driver’s side of her car, oblivious to any danger, two men jumped out and attacked her.

She was obviously overpowered in this situation. Especially since there were three of them, counting the driver. The odds were very much stacked against her.

That all changed when a Good Samaritan with a gun came charging to her rescue. The gun he was holding changed the math in the minds of the attackers.

Facing a serious threat to their own safety, the would-be abductors abandoned their prey and fled the scene.

As our own Rob Morse so often explains in his op-ed columns (including one today, as it happens) the gun didn’t even need to be discharged to be effective. Showing the gun and a (theoretical) willingness to use it was enough to chase away the threat.

Two men ambushed the blond haired woman as she was stepping into the drivers side of her dark SUV. She sustained minor injuries in the attack.
Video shows the women trying to fight off her attackers, as the two thugs wearing dark hoodies leapt out of the car that was parked alongside her and tried to detain her.
In the corner of the CCTV footage, a man with a gun is seen holding up the weapon as he bravely confronted the hoodlums, before the woman escapes.
The assailants were last seen driving Northbound in a silver four door car that had a third suspect inside, Germantown police said.

This is your regularly-scheduled reminder to keep your head on a swivel out there. Be aware of your surroundings. And if a situation looks dangerous, take proper precautions.

A big shout-out to whoever that unnamed hero is. The world could use 10,000 more like him.

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