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Guess Which Reporter Adam Schiff SPECIFICALLY Requested Twitter To Deplatform?


Does having a member of the Gang of Eight trample the First Amendment rights of an inconvenient journalist count as a ‘threat to democracy’? Because we have documentation of exactly that.

The downside of the big document drops from the Twitter files is the ‘drinking from the firehose’ problem. With so much information coming at you, so fast, it’s easy to overlook particular details, even if they are horrifyingly bad.

That’s where follow-up stories like this one come along to shine a spotlight on what might have been missed. If you were short on reasons to dislike Adam Schiff, you are about to have more.

The most recent Twitter files drop included a particular reference to Schiff pressuring Twitter to both blackball specific users, and suppress conversation critical of his office.

Here’s the tweet:

Why is this significant?

For a whole host of reasons. Here are a few, in no particular order:

Right off the top, we have a government official pressuring someone to silence a critic of his office. Schiff’s oath of office specifically forbids such behavior.

Not only did he press to silence a citizen, he pressed to silence a journalist. The First Amendment specifically names the press as a class whose speech is not to be suppressed.

Next, is the fact that Schiff was no ordinary elected official. He was a member of the highly-sensitive Gang of Eight. As such, he held the highest levels of security clearances. Those security clearances were granted with the understanding that he would be representing the legitimate interests of the country, rather than the political agenda (and shenanigans) of his party. His chequered record on that front speaks for itself.

More than that, Paul Sperry is no ordinary, Beltway, echo-chamber-dwelling journalist. Schiff was smearing Sperry because Sperry had both an interest and a skill in exposing the kind of story that Schiff did NOT want exposed to the light of day.

What kind of story? He was on the right side of Russiagate, and the Covid origin stories. The fact that Sperry is the reporter who first broke the identity of Schiff’s super-secret whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, is not without relevance, either.

US Rep. Adam Schiff tried to get a journalist suspended from Twitter and to have “any and all content” related to House Intelligence Committee staffers removed from the site, according to the latest document dump authorized by new owner Elon Musk.
In Tuesday’s installment of the ongoing “Twitter Files,” independent journalist Matt Taibbi posted a Nov. 20, 2020, email regarding a request from the California Democrat’s office to suppress free speech on the social media platform.
Taibbi called it an example of the “astonishing variety of requests from officials asking for individuals they didn’t like to be banned.”
The journalist in question was Paul Sperry, a Post columnist who in January 2020 wrote an article for RealClearInvestigations about the purported “whistleblower” behind former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment, for which Schiff served as a House manager.
In the article, Sperry said then-CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella was overheard talking in the White House with Sean Misko, a holdover staffer from former President Barack Obama’s administration.
A former official who reportedly heard the conversation told Sperry, “Just days after [Trump] was sworn in they were already trying to get rid of him.”

Here’s some of what Paul Sperry had to say about it.

That sheds a whole new light on Schiff’s recent finger-wagging when he was spouting off against New Twitter. He clutched his pearls and climbed up on that soapbox of his about how Musk ‘unfairly’ suspended journalists who had shared real-time information about his family’s whereabouts.

Turns out, what he was doing all along was much, much worse.
Bad news for Schiff’s inner circle — Sperry will get the last laugh.

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