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Latest Twitter Files Puts Pfizer Insiders On The Hotseat


This set was introduced by a tweet by Elon saying:
‘More Twitter files. Some conspiracies are actually true.’

This time, a new face was doing the reporting. It was Alex Berenson.

What is his area of focus? Covid 19.

More accurately, he unmasked some secrets from a Pfizer board member as his opening salvo of Twitter revelations. This example was shorter than most. It was focused on a specific incident of wrongdoing by a single individual.

It’s a reasonable strategy if you want to be sure the gravity of the action in question doesn’t get buried in a bigger story, which, admittedly, sometimes happens in these information dumps.

He will be bringing the Fauci Files in the future. But he’s got to wade through a whole heap of data before he can make enough sense of it to drop it on us.

For now, he’s bringing us Scott Gottlieb.

Let’s recall who Scott Gottleib is. Variety wrote this about him in August of 2021, right around the time events in this Twitter File were playing out.

Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner and a well-connected adviser in the worlds of medicine and health business, can’t sit back and look at the Sunday shows because he has, over the past year, become a central element of one of them. He has been interviewed on CBS’ “Face the Nation” so many times that he has become one of the most frequent non-journalist guests in the history of the show, which launched in 1954. Only former Senator John McCain has appeared more often on the show — 112 times — throughout its nearly six decades on the air. Gottlieb this past Sunday made his 73rd appearance on the program, surpassing Senator Lindsey Graham, who has been on the program 69 times, and Senator Bob Dole, who has been on 64 times. He has even been a more frequent guest than now-President Joe Biden, who has appeared on “Nation” on 56 different occasions.
…Producers have had him on even when they book a major government expert like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, or Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those officials offer the government perspective, says Hager, but “we still need to have Gottlieb on” to offer counterpoint or additional perspective. “There is still a person who is reading the tea leaves and looking at the trends.”
Gottlieb sees the Sunday program as a venue to help viewers gain perspective and see around the next corner, not to react to the latest headlines. “I really try to call it as I see it and I really try to look ahead, and try to figure out what people are going to need to know to continue to stay safe.”

He’s ranked near the top of several ‘most influential’ lists. He served with the FDA until March of 2019, and was named to the board of Pfizer later that same year. Wiki might want to quickly scrub this quote from their hagiography about him before it proves too embarrassing even for a hack propaganda site like theirs:

Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) and PRWeek recognized Gottlieb on their 2020 Health Influencer 50 list, ranking him number 4. They noted that “In a year that will likely be remembered for medical misinformation and the proliferation of science-deniers, Dr. Scott Gottlieb continues to stand out as one of the clearest and most direct communicators of all things health-related.” –Wiki

Ok. That’s the introduction to the main player in this drama. Let’s move along to the opening act.

A doctor on the board of Pfizer (and former FDA bigwig) uses the same lobbyist the White House has been using [gee, nothing suspicious there] to pressure Twitter’s compliance in silencing a doctor. The statements they wanted Twitter to silence could undermine public reception of the administration’s official fear narrative, impacting the urgency of adopting the solution, and therefore negatively impacting Pfizer’s total units sold.

What was the direct consequence? Fear was augmented, rational discourse dampened, and that silence paved the way for a BIG Pfizer payday when that emergency authorization was extended to children.

What’s that old line about ‘follow the money’? There was a LOT of it to follow. And people actually told themselves they were following ‘the science’.

Can you imagine!

This wasn’t an effort to stop disinformation so much as was an effort to manipulate the markets for a very lucrative product.

We’re no lawyers, but it would be interesting to know whether this kind of market manipulation and overt lying to the public by members of the board have any impact on the validity of Pfizer’s protection against lawsuits.

Here are a few relevant, clarifying tweets he added to his timeline.

The original Tweet by Hart referenced in #3…

Alex calling out Gottlieb directly.

That cult of Fauci still has a deep hold on some people.

Is there any way to know whether that pressure on silencing dissenting opinions about antibodies based on an honest belief that the vaccine was better, or on cynical profit motive?

There is, in fact, a way we can know. We can listen to the words of Pfizer employees from a year or more ago.

If you’re starting to get the feeling that the panic was never about ‘protecting granny’ so much as running a grand game orchestrated by big players with bigger plans — welcome to the club, can we take your coat?

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