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Library Tries To Shut Down ‘Pastor Story Hour’ … Runs Like A Rabbit When Lawyers Show Up


In the blink of an eye, Drag Queens reading books to kids in public spaces flipped from being a cultural novelty to the latest secular litmus test of irreligious ‘tolerance’.

Men dressed as minstrel show caricatures of women are springing up like mushrooms. Suddenly, you can hardly turn around without seeing some new creepy sexualized ‘family-friendly’ drag event or other where children get to give dollar bills to beefy men as a creepy reward for a performance of twerking while wearing womanface, or, in some cases, simulating sex acts.

Defenders of the practice said it had nothing to do with the grooming of children (despite evidence to the contrary) and everything to do with the practice of free speech.

Interesting how that argument vanishes like morning dew as soon as defenders of more traditional views of gender take their turn to read to children. Here’s what happened when Pastor Story Hour was scheduled at a library in Massachusetts.

Kendall Lankford, the teaching pastor of The Shepherd’s Church, sat down with Fox News Digital to discuss the details that led to his battle with the library, the local protests that subsequently erupted, and how the popularity of Drag Queen story hours pushed him to go through with his own kid-friendly reading.
The story began when Lankford contacted the library. He was told the process on how to secure a room for his reading and filled out an online form. A few hours later the event was approved.
He planned to offer a Christian perspective on gender, reading from two books titled “God Made Boys and Girls: Helping Children Understand the Gift of Gender,” and “Jesus and My Gender.”
He said the books helped to promote the message that both men and women are equal, intrinsically good, but also different.
“I didn’t use the word intersectional or critical race theory, but that’s the world we live in. Where if you’re a boy you have less victim status then a girl. I was trying to show them—it’s a good thing that you were made a boy. It’s a good thing that you were made a girl.”
“Every single child in the room got that, it’s the adults that are confused,” he added.

For people who claim to care about a message of tolerance, telling people that you are valuable just the way you are should be harmless. But it wasn’t.

People whose dogmatic views would celebrate Drag Queen Story Hour were outraged, saying this event was beyond the pale.

Feeling the pressure, Chelmsford Public Library sent an automated email stating the event would be canceled.

Massachusetts Family institute (MFI) offered their services to Lankford after getting word of online chatter in which Facebook users criticized Lankford and the library for allowing the event to take place. Lankford did not initially think their services was necessary.
…Lankford then called back MFI and retained their services. They sent a demand letter to the library which claimed that the center had violated its own policies allowing anyone to book public meeting rooms. MFI also asserted that the library violated Lankford’s federal, and state constitutional rights related to free speech and religious liberty.
Less than four later Lankford received a Facebook notification that the event was back following a discussion between library directors and a Chelmsford attorney.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. The activist left doesn’t want dialogue, they want compliance. And they aren’t afraid to use dirty tricks in order to get it.

Activists, at their heart, are nothing more than schoolyard bullies with a new turf. Lacking any legitimate claim to moral high ground, their tactics require using threats of personal destruction to push their agenda.

That’s why they have been so effective in Blitzkreiging their agenda so far and so fast.

It is easier for businesses, public servants, and the rest to cave to public pressure and join the crowd — even if it means trampling the rights of honest citizens — than facing the pressure of the mob.

But when someone like Lankford stands up and tells those same businesses, public servants, etc. that the path they are exposes them to litigation … they suddenly have an excuse to fall back on.

We don’t NEED to teach public servants how to be brave. That would be a difficult task. We simply need to teach them that the activist mob is not the scariest thing they can face.

Then we can harness their moral cowardice for the service of liberty, rather than let them be one more step in the further degradation of the culture.

Finding a spine can come later. Reading books like this one in a special story hour for bureaucratic middle-managers might be a good first step.

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