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Nikole Hannah-Jones Calls Her ‘1619 Project’ Docu-Series ‘Truth’ (VIDEO)

This trash, fictionalized, racist history is now available on a streaming service. Oh, goody.

Well, at least it makes these new items in the Clash Store timely:

Nikole Hannah-Jones’s “The 1619 Project” — essays published in the New York Times that put forward the idea that the founding of the United States was based on the North American slave trade — has now become a six-part docuseries that is available on the streaming service, Hulu.

Hannah-Jones is out and about promoting this new format for her fever-dream reimagining of the foundations of America.

On Thursday, Hannah-Jones appeared on Good Morning America to speak about the docuseries released on Friday.

In the segment, host Robin Roberts raves about the project and asks the Pulitzer-winner to sum up “The 1619 Project” in one word. Without hesitation, Hannah-Jones replies, “Truth.”

It would be nice if Jones actually meant what she said about history — that it should all be one history — but she doesn’t really believe that.

It was a “Black Studies” course that inspired Hannah-Jones to “reframe” the founding in the first place.

Hannah-Jones’ curiosity about her African ancestral past peaked at the age of 15 when she took a Black studies course at her high school. That’s when her teacher introduced her to a book by LeBron Bennett, “Before the Mayflower,” and how the year 1619 became etched in her mind, sparking her interest in the first enslaved Africans who stepped foot on American soil.
“I’ve been thinking about the year 1619 since I was 15 years old, thinking about it both as a historic event, but also the power of the erasure,” Hannah-Jones said.
Some years later, when Hannah-Jones was an investigative reporter covering racial injustice for The New York Times, she saw an opportunity to mark the 400th anniversary of the year the first African slaves were sold into U.S. slavery. This, she thought, was the moment to put the year 1619 into the national lexicon.
Source: ABC News 7

Roberts makes sure to mention that the new docuseries is premiering “at a time when heated debates about how history is taught in our childrens’ schools are erupting across our nation” and that “the Florida Board of Education made headlines for rejecting the addition of an Advanced Placement African American Studies course.”

Roberts is framing that AP African American Studies course as a “history” course — but it isn’t. It’s a Trojan Horse for Critical Race Theory, neo-Marxism, and Queer Theory.

ClashDaily covered some of that here:

WATCH: Joy Reid Goes On Unhinged Rant About Gov. DeSantis Blocking Woke Indoctrination Course

But then… something similar could probably be said of the new “The 1619 Project” docu-series.

Hannah-Jones says that the Hulu series is a great way to circumvent state boards of education deciding that teaching kids radical left ideology under the guise of “history” should be banned… though not exactly in those words.

But it seems pretty clear that some of the episodes look like they’re going to push a leftwing political position.

Each part of the docuseries is titled after one of six topics: “Democracy,” “Race,” “Music,” “Capitalism,” “Fear” and “Justice.” They’re adaptations of essays for The New York Times’ bestselling “The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story,” which looks at how the legacy and institution of slavery has shaped various aspects of American life.
Most importantly, the series demonstrates how the institution of slavery impacted current systems that are in place that affect all Americans. In order for us to move forward and heal as a nation, Hannah-Jones believes that education about the nation’s history, about the full Black experience, while celebrating the contributions that Black Americans have made to society, will indeed lead to understanding and national healing.
Source: ABC News 7

When it was first released, several historians panned “The 1619 Project” as “inaccurate” and “misleading.”

Five historians have slammed the New York Times saying its 1619 Project contains inaccuracies and misleading material about slavery – but the editor has since pushed back and issued a point-by-point rebuttal to their arguments…
…The historians – from Brown University, Texas State University, Princeton University and City University of New York – argued that the project wrongly claimed colonial independence from Britain occurred to ensure slavery would continue.
They also took issue with the way former President Abraham Lincoln’s views on racial equality and slavery were presented.
The professors claimed it was misleading because it ignored Lincoln’s ‘conviction that the Declaration of Independence proclaimed universal equality, for blacks as well as whites, a view he upheld repeatedly against powerful white supremacists who opposed him’.
The historians also accused the NYT journalists of being ‘opaque’ in their reporting process and said their ‘selective transparency’ in providing details of their fact-checking was concerning.
Source: Daily Mail

But, criticism and stealth-editing of some of the essays in “The 1619 Project” hasn’t stopped Hannah-Jones from making a mint on this hackery peddled using the New York Times’ reputation as a newspaper. Unfortunately, many people don’t seem to have realized that the newspaper itself expired somewhere along the way and it’s just a shambling husk of newsprint pretending to be a newspaper.

Hannah-Jones published her work in the New York Times Magazine, then into a book, made a six-part documentary series, got a gig at Howard University, and continues to rake in oodles of cash from speaking engagements.

After Demanding Tenure At UNC, 1619 Author, Nikole Hannah-Jones Rejects It For Job At Howard University

Some 33 speeches Hannah-Jones made in 2022 netted her an estimated payday of more than $1.2 million, according to a Daily Wire analysis. Twenty-seven of those speeches were made at colleges, including 14 at public schools, for an estimated $1 million. The Daily Wire’s estimate is based on records from 11 schools which responded to Freedom of Information requests and showed payments averaging $40,000 each.
The $1.2 million figure likely significantly understates the total since the list of speeches is incomplete and private institutions may have paid Hanah-Jones even more than the typical $40,000 fee forked over by public schools.
Source: Daily Wire

Nikole Hannah-Jones told Salon that the docuseries is essential viewing because “Justice requires repair.”

Of course, she did.

She’s going to milk that cash cow for as long as she can.


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